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The Pulse Secure 5.0 Desktop Client Gets a New Look!

Pulse Secure announces the availability of version 5.0r12 of the Pulse Secure desktop client!  This maintenance release of the Pulse client (Windows and Mac) is worthy of note because in addition to resolving several important issues (including the “Logjam” security vulnerability), this is the first 5.0-based Pulse client to replace its Juniper branding with Pulse Secure branding.  Cosmetic entities like icons, fonts, product and company names, trademarks, copyright statements and UI colors have been changed to reflect our Pulse Secure identity. Please note that product behavior was not changed as the result of this rebranding.  The client can be downloaded from the Pulse Secure Downloading Center, and the Release Notes are available at the Pulse Secure Tech Pubs page.  For more information, consult the Pulse Secure support site.  Another great release by the Pulse Secure engineering team!