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Pulse Secure announces CBCcom as first partner in China to use its technology for SSL VPN as a service

Pulse Secure, the leader in secure access solutions has announced that CBCcom, a recently joined channel partner based in Beijing, China, has launched a new SSL VPN as a service offering using Pulse Secure technology.

Founded in 2008 with backing from Dr. Edward Tian, CEO at CBC-Capital, CBCcom offers a unique services portfolio offering domestic local access including dark fibre, Internet access, IP VPN, and cloud services to international carriers, cloud providers, system integrators, and enterprises.

CBCcom Secure Access Service enables its customers to access web applications and network connection from remote locations without needing to install any additional software. With CBCcom Secure Access Service, enterprise customers can now connect to business networks securely using any standard web browser, regardless of location to enhance business productivity and reduce management complexity. The CBCcom SSL VPN service is both flexible and easy to operate, providing enterprise customers with granular control for a wide variety of devices and operating systems including Windows, Linux, Mac OS, iOS and Android.

“The choice of Pulse Secure as the core technology for our new SSL VPN service was based on extensive product evaluation and testing which highlighted the strength of the product family in terms of advanced features and seamless interoperability,” says Samuel Liu, Head of Product Management for CBCcom.

The Pulse Secure appliances used by CBCcom feature technology to allow endpoint devices can be checked prior to and during a secure access session to verify an acceptable device security posture. Through simple policy creation tools, organizations can mandate that connecting users must have active endpoint security applications such as antivirus or personal firewall as well as checks for IT-required operating system versions, patch level, browser type, and many other requirements.

“We welcome CBCcom to our Connect Now partner program and look forward to working closely with them on highlighting the benefits of their innovative approach to delivering SSL VPN as a managed service,” said Doug Erickson, vice president of partner sales at Pulse Secure. For more information on CBCcom please visit

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