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Pulse Secure Flexible Licensing in Just 60 Seconds

Imagine yourself in a time crunch, provisioning new load balancers just to keep up with application developers as they design innovative and transformative new applications for the public. Have you had a chance to think about what you can do to simplify the buying and approval process of licensing procurement hassles, the long-awaited delivery of ADC appliances and the burden of provisioning these systems on the network hoping that you will be the super hero of your company? These are all valid reasons as to why organizations need an ADC solution that will deliver the key points to success such as reliability, feature-rich, optimized, virtualized and a cloud-based solution. With Pulse Secure’s vADC solution, we offer flexible licensing, enabling virtualized and cloud ADC solutions to be deployed dynamically regardless of what platform type you choose: Software, Virtualized, Cloud or Hybrid.

With the vADC flexible licensing model, you have the ability as a system administrator to provision new virtual Traffic Manager (vTM) on the fly to meet customer demands without contacting a reseller or a vendor. The idea of flexible licensing is to buy a bandwidth in bulk, allowing the administrator to provision licenses dynamically based on network throughput requirements. Today, with most ADC hardware vendors, each hardware defines a throughput allowing each hardware to utilize up to 80% utilization before you add a new ADC. With Pulse Secure flexible licensing model, you can purchase a stackable flexible license to provision throughput licenses on an as needed basis. It is simple and quick as the administrator can increase or decrease licenses within a time span of 60 seconds. Need more vTM to load balance and secure your applications? No problem, as our flexible license does not have limits as you need to consume the bandwidth pack you purchased.

So how do we do it? In today’s fast-paced deployment, browsers have become an industry defacto standard in management and provisioning. With Pulse Secure Services Director (SD) it allows simplified provisioning of vTMs as we can increase and decrease bandwidth allocation within a computer or even on your smart phone using a standard browser. In addition to the flexible licensing, the Pulse Secure Services Director offers network management functionality, monitoring/alarming, backup and upgrade solutions to all the vTMs in the network. SD offers a full view of your network giving the administrator a single pane of monitoring to the most critical applications in the network.

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