Ivanti to acquire Pulse Secure

Pulse Secure to become an Independent Subsidiary of Ivanti

Pulse Secure has signed a definitive agreement to be acquired by Ivanti, a leading provider of solutions that automates IT and Security Operations to discover, manage, secure and service from cloud to edge. Ivanti is backed by affiliates of by Clearlake and TA Associates, two leading private equity firms with extensive management and technology expertise. The transaction remains subject to customary closing conditions including antitrust regulatory approval.

Pulse Secure will operate as an independent, separate business unit of Ivanti after the closing. Additional details of the transaction announcement can be found in the press release issued earlier today.

With the support of Ivanti, Clearlake and TA Associates, we are well positioned to further accelerate our journey of Secure Access for Hybrid IT in a World of Zero Trust.

We expect this transaction to complete in the first quarter of 2021 and it remains business as usual at Pulse Secure. There are no planned changes in terms of our priorities, nor how we operate the business as a result of this announcement. Your points of contact will remain the same, and during this period we will continue to share relevant updates. You will receive the same level of commitment and service you have come to expect from our team.

We appreciate your business, and we look forward to continuing to work with you well into the future. If you have any questions, please contact your Pulse Secure representative for a timely response or complete this inquiry form.


Additional Information

Who is Ivanti and why is Ivanti acquiring Pulse Secure? Is Ivanti’s and Pulse’s mission aligned?

    • Ivanti is an IT software company headquartered in Utah. Ivanti provides solutions for IT Service Management, IT Asset Management, Endpoint Security, supply chain management and more to global enterprise customers.
    • Ivanti’s strengths are discover (visibility), secure and service. Simple and unified user experiences are cornerstones of Ivanti’s solutions. These strengths and focus on superior user experience are consistent with the value proposition we deliver to enterprises and service providers.

What do the acquisitions bring to Ivanti and our mutual customers and partners?

    • The acquisitions of MobileIron and Pulse Secure provide Ivanti with the ability to offer customers the most comprehensive set of software solutions that address the growing market demand for the future of work. The future of work means users working from anywhere on any device is the new normal. The combined portfolio means Ivanti customers can manage and secure users, devices, data, and access while delivering contextual, personalized employee experiences for this “new normal.”

Will Pulse Secure remain a separate business unit, or be folded into Ivanti?

    • Pulse Secure will be a separate business unit within Ivanti after the closing and will continue to drive its Secure Access mission as the security pillar of the company.

Will our approach to business change given our new owner?

    • Ivanti shares our values and approach to be a trusted IT software provider for enterprises and service providers.
    • Our focus on customer success and strategic and operational priorities DOES NOT change and working with Ivanti, we will further expand and evolve these after the transaction closes.
    • Pulse Secure remains focused on delivering Secure Access solutions enabling organizations to dramatically boost employee productivity, fortify customer engagement, and leverage virtual and cloud infrastructure to ensure that users, resources, services and data are secure without burdening IT.

Will this transaction impact Pulse Secure’s product and service offerings?

    • Our focus remain on Secure Access solutions for Hybrid IT in a world of Zero Trust. As part of Ivanti, there are significant opportunities to further expand our mission and portfolio.
    • We do not expect any immediate changes to the way our business operates and supports our customers and partners. Pulse Secure’s customers and partners should not anticipate any operational impact; points of contact and services will remain the same, and all current business agreements will remain in place.

What is the value that both Pulse Secure and MobileIron bring to Ivanti?

    • The acquisition of Pulse Secure and MobileIron offer Ivanti complementary businesses and solutions to further IT service delivery optimization and security as enterprises take advantage of distributed workplace, mobile and cloud computing trends.
    • The union between Ivanti, MobileIron, and Pulse Secure creates a unique platform with significant capabilities, brings to bear a highly experienced management team, and enhances the resources available to invest in the next generation of products.

Who are Clearlake Capital and TA Associates? What is their role? Why are they best option for the future of the company?

    • Clearlake Capital and TA Associates are successful, well-regarded private equity firms whose affiliates are controlling institutional shareholders in Ivanti.
    • They plan to apply their operational acumen and financial resources to enable Pulse Secure to accelerate our journey of Secure Access for Hybrid IT in a World of Zero Trust and continue on our upward trajectory as part of Ivanti.