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Pulse Secure VPN & NAC Solutions: Addressing Enterprise Mobility Needs

Before BYOD programs were common, the role of Network Access Control (NAC) within an enterprise was fairly restrictive. NAC applications were usually put in place to allow only fully authenticated and managed devices access to the network. Any devices not complying with a strict rule set would be denied access instantly.

Today’s NAC solutions have evolved to allow better contextual control, advanced network visibility and improved flexibility when it comes to managing mobile devices. When implemented well, NAC applications offer superior network visibility and granularity to other solutions. Combined with an SSL VPN for secure remote access from mobile devices, NAC offers administrators complete peace of mind when managing a BYOD program, no matter where devices and users are located.

Policy Secure and Connect Secure—Work Anywhere Solutions for Today’s Modern Workplace

When you want your users to be able to access the digital workspace from a trusted mobile device, you need to implement a secure end-to-end NAC and BYOD solution. Policy Secure is that solution, and offers complete visibility of devices on your network as well as complete control over network access. What’s more, it offers contextual control allowing you to manage devices based on compliance, applications, location and network. Such granularity offers complete control over your mobile devices and ensures your data and resources are uncompromised.

Features of Policy Secure include:

  • Role-based, application level enforcement of your security policies - Policy Secure’s best-in-class access control supports full Layer 2 - Layer 7 enforcement.
  • Automated onboarding - Automatic configuration of personal devices for corporate access ensures a completely seamless experience for employees and visitors.
  • Security automation - Security policy enforcement is fully automated, allowing continual protection from unauthorized network access.
  • Context-aware security - Policies are deployed and enforced based on contextual attributes such as device, user, role, network, time, and application information.
  • Guest access management - Management of guest devices on your network is made possible by Policy Secure, allowing you to ensure secure guest user access to any part of your network, or restricted areas only.

For many organizations, corporate access from within the office is only half the story, and most will want to also grant remote network access for employees’ mobile devices. Connect Secure provides an SSL VPN that assesses endpoints to ensure they will not compromise the security of the network.

Features of Connect Secure include:

  • High performance and scale - End users can experience seamless and high speed access to network resources.
  • Out-of-the-box host checking and device compliance - Administrators can control network access based on whether specific devices are trusted or untrusted.
  • Broad Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) - Support for leading brands such as Citrix, VMWareVMware and Microsoft
  • Device Management Integration – Seamless integration with Pulse Workspace allows you to manage mobile devices and provide compliance-based access to corporate resources.

Connect Secure working alongside Policy Secure offers administrators the ability to set granular policies that determine what rights, if any, a user or device will have on the network no matter where they may be connecting from. The result is a robust and easily configurable enterprise mobility solution that will ensure your network is secure from unauthorized access through mobile devices.

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