Achieving IoT Security in Zero Trust Networks with User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) - EMEA

Webinar Overview

IoT is being embraced by organizations to deliver value in the form of operational efficiency, reduced cost, and service differentiation. With IoT converging in the IT network, securing IoT devices within Zero Trust networks is requiring due-diligence. With UEBA anomalous IoT behavior can be detected, allowing IT to remediate rogue endpoints. In this webinar, learn how Pulse Policy Secure Network Access Control can help customers secure IoT devices:

  • Correlation of user access, device data, and system logs in a new analytics engine
  • Normalization of IoT device behaviors to detect anomalous activity
  • Detecting IoT specific attacks including Domain-Generation Attacks (DGA), Adaptive Authentication, and MAC Spoofing
  Ganesh Nakhawa, Director of Product Management, Pulse Secure: Ganesh Nakhawa is the Director of Product Management at Pulse Secure where he leads IoT/IIoT, Visibility and Network Access Control solution. Ganesh has 20+ years of software and security industry experience driving growth for high-tech companies through new product introduction and managing the product life cycle. Ganesh has worked at several leading technology companies including MOCANA, Bradford Networks, AFL, Nortel Networks, Cabletron in engineering and product management roles. He holds BS in Computer Science, MS in Telecommunications, MBA in Entrepreneurship/Finance.