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EMA Research Top 3 Report and Decision Guide

January 17, 2019
Report Overview

Enabling Secure Access to Enterprise IT Services

Driven by digital business transformation, the world of securing access to enterprise applications, data and other IT services continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Emerging requirements for workforce mobility, distributed data center, virtual and cloud-based IT environments, and data protection has yielded significant access control complexities. Fortunately, it is actually possible to satisfy both protection and access requirements simultaneously, but it requires the adoption of innovative approaches that combine usability and orchestration to enable secure access to hybrid IT environments.

EMA conducted research to identify the access security issues facing organizations today, including a survey of leaders from over 200 enterprises and an analysis of hundreds of vendor product briefings, case studies, and demonstrations. The resulting report identified ten priorities for enabling secure access to enterprise IT services and offers insight into key challenges, considerations, and technologies.

The report also supports IT decision maker’s vendor-selection process as it heralds 30 of the most innovative vendor solutions addressing the greatest array of requirements for secure access enablement and highlights Pulse Secure’s leadership ranking across three categories:

  • Unifying access control across hybrid IT ecosystems
  • Enabling secure remote access to business networks
  • Network Access Control with IOT enablement

Complete the short form to the right to download the full report: *Enterprise Management Associates: EMA Top 3 Report and Decision Guide for Enabling Secure Access to Enterprise IT Services”, Q3 2018, by Steve Brase


About Pulse Secure

Pulse Secure provides easy, comprehensive software-driven Secure Access solutions for people, devices, things and services that improve visibility, protection and productivity for our customers. Our suites uniquely integrate cloud, mobile, application and network access to enable hybrid IT in a Zero Trust world. Over 23,000 enterprises and service providers across every vertical entrust Pulse Secure to empower their mobile workforce to securely access applications and information in the data center and cloud while ensuring business compliance.