How to accelerate your transition to embracing Secure Access

December 14, 2016
Webinar Overview

Welcome to Pulse Secure’s webinar series on The Six W’s of Pulse Secure! We will take you through the journey on the perfect formula for staying contemporary in the vast evolving world of Secure Access.Emerging technologies, such as mobile and cloud, are defining the next chapter of IT strategy, Secure Access, where enterprises are combining the best of the cloud with their own localized data centers. But how do you maintain a seamless experience between popular cloud apps to company data for your end users?

The final webinar in our series will show you how to get up to speed on a new robust security perimeter with policy at its core, compliance for the cloud, and frictionless experience for workers.  You’ll come out of the webinar series as a hero for identifying the key ingredients for a very productive and secure work environment for your employees and organization.

The live webinars will feature a 20-minute presentation and interactive Q&A sessions every two weeks. Please note that an on-demand recording will be available after the webinar has been completed.

Presenter: David Goldschlag, CTO & Senior VP of Strategy