How to Make Zero Trust Security Work

Webinar Overview

Data breaches are on the rise, highlighting that no organization is immune from cyberattacks. One cause is that workforce mobility and cloud computing has placed most workloads beyond the shelter of corporate networks and traditional perimeter defenses.

What are the issues, drivers and considerations for how IT organizations are applying Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) capabilities? In this webinar, cybersecurity experts Scott Gordon CISSP of Pulse Secure and Holger Schulze, founder of Cybersecurity Insiders, will discuss:

  • Zero Trust adoption research findings: perceptions, progress, investments and initiatives
  • Secure access usability and management challenges addressed by ZTNA
  • How enterprises can achieve Zero Trust security tenets in their organization
  • Requirements and considerations for continuous, conditional access for hybrid IT
  • Orchestrating Zero Trust-based visibility, provisioning, compliance and segregation
Chief Marketing Officer
Pulse Secure
Holger Schulze
CEO & Founder
Cybersecurity Insiders