Level up your Secure Access with Optimal Gateway Selection

Webinar Overview

When your business is global, then your employees should have seamless secure access as they become more mobile. However, when they connect to your business applications, they will often default to their home datacenter, which may not be the most responsive location while on the move. Long latencies can slow application response times, and network outages and congestion may cause further restrictions, so you need a way for mobile users to connect to the nearest, most reliable application connection at all times, wherever they are, and over any network.

Optimal Gateway Selection is a simple way to up-level your Secure Access strategy - tune in to this webinar to find how to help your employees, contractors and third parties:

  • Connect seamlessly to the nearest global location
  • Avoid congestion and network outages for continuous service
  • Enhance their user experience with faster, more responsive connections
Paul Wallace, Director of Product Marketing, Pulse Secure