Online Webinar

Dual Mode Secure Access with What, Why, and How to leverage VPN and SDP

Webinar Overview

Join Pulse Secure to learn how Software-defined Perimeter (SDP) can be used to enhance network security and compliance while streamlining users’ access to resources in the cloud and in the data center.  We’ll cover how SDP is an evolution of Zero Trust and what are the driving market forces behind it.  We’ll discuss how Pulse Secure is the only vendor to offer dual-mode VPN and SDP that provides enterprises a single pane of glass access management and operational visibility.  And, you’ll learn how SDP can render resources “dark”, making applications invisible to unauthorized users like hackers, and how SDP offers deep authentication of both users and their devices to heighten your security profile.Further details include:

  • How SDP can help you isolate critical applications and micro-segment users to reduce exposure
  • How centralized policy management secures your infrastructure while reducing configuration errors and policy drift
  • How multi-factor authentication enforces a Zero Trust security stance
  • How SDP enables and protects applications access regardless of location
  Bryan Embrey
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Pulse Secure
  Scott Erickson
Senior Technical Marketing Manager
Pulse Secure