Solution Brief

IIoT Security with Nozomi Networks

Solution Brief Overview

Pulse Secure enables organizations to securely bring IIoT devices from their classical OT isolation into the IT realm. Enabling expanded visibility and network connectivity for such devices increases operational flexibility, reduces time for troubleshooting and improves overall uptime and productivity. IoT devices are increasingly leveraged by attackers to gain further access into a network. They are often easily compromised because they usually don’t come with strong embedded security features. To make matters worse, software updates from their manufacturers are sparsely available and then not rolled out into the production network.



About Pulse Secure

Pulse Secure provides easy, comprehensive software-driven Secure Access solutions for people, devices, things and services that improve visibility, protection and productivity for our customers. Our suites uniquely integrate cloud, mobile, application and network access to enable hybrid IT in a Zero Trust world. Over 23,000 enterprises and service providers across every vertical entrust Pulse Secure to empower their mobile workforce to securely access applications and information in the data center and cloud while ensuring business compliance.