Pulse Cloud Secure Overview

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Right before our eyes, we're seeing traditional IT embrace the cloud and transform into hybrid IT. The reasons are obvious as the next generation of workers are already using cloud services to be productive. The next generation of apps are mostly hosted in the cloud, but we know that it's not an all or nothing thing and private data centers will still be around for years to come. We also know that there's complexity involved with adopting cloud services, mainly around compliance, security and authentication. That's exactly why we built Cloud Secure. With Cloud Secure workers don't have to worry about where their apps are coming from because Cloud Secure enables IT to easily blend apps from the data center and the cloud, and they don't need different accounts and multiple passwords. It all just works. Because Cloud Secure is fully integrated into our industry leading secure access products, Pulse Connect Secure and Pulse Workspace, full compliance checks of the connecting device are also possible. Apps from the data center gets secured over the Pulse Connect secure VPN, whilst cloud services are authenticated and authorized against Pulse Connect Secure, and then connect directly to the closest cloud for best performance.

Speaker 1:

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