Secure Access Solutions for Mobile, Cloud and Internet of Things - Latest Release

April 11, 2017
Webinar Overview

Embrace the latest cloud, mobile and IoT technologies with Secure Access. Learn how Pulse Secure's latest features and capabilities make it simple to securely roll out new end-user services to support the latest IT transformation without compromising security compliance or taxing your IT team.

Last year we delivered over 250 new product features. Learn about the latest features in:

  • Connect Secure 8.3r1
  • Policy Secure 5.4r1
  • Pulse Client 5.3r1

All are now available in Pulse Access Suite which makes planning, purchasing and deploying a snap. We’ve assembled our product owners to tell you what’s new, so be sure to join and drill down with the experts.


Phil Montgomery - Vice President of Marketing 
With 20+ years in enterprise solutions, Phil leads Corporate Marketing, as well as Product and Solutions Marketing, at Pulse Secure. Prior to joining Pulse Secure, he served as executive roles in product management at Identiv, Inc, VMware, and Citrix Systems. A graduate of University of Southern Queensland with a Bachelor of Business degree in operations management and end-user computing.

Prashant Batra - Director of Product Management 
Building mobile and cloud products for the past 10 years, Prashant is responsible for Pulse Secure’s Saas offerings for management, mobile, and cloud. Previously, he held product management and engineering roles at Citrix and Conexant. He has a Master’s in Embedded Systems Design.

Ganesh Nakhawa - Senior Product Manager for Pulse Policy Secure
With over 16 years of security and networking experience, Ganesh has held various product management, product marketing, and engineering roles at companies such as MOCANA, Bradford Networks, AFL, Nortel Networks, and Cabletron. Ganesh has a M.S. in Telecommunication from Boston University and M.B.A from Babson College.