Upgrade your MAG and Step up your access now

October 18, 2018
Webinar Overview

Step Up Your Access with the Pulse Secure Appliance

You love your Pulse Secure MAG appliance because it’s rock solid. But are you ready for the latest security challenges that come with connecting your users to cloud-hosted applications or SaaS offerings? Thousands of your peers have already stepped up to the Pulse Secure Appliance because it delivers the same reliability and performance you trust with advanced software capabilities that provide an enhanced user experience, stronger security posture, and optimizations for hybrid IT.

It’s a timely move -- a recent study discovered that 54% of companies in 2017 were affected by ransomware attacks, costing them as much as $133,000 per attack. That’s why we’re providing a special offer to help you make the move. We’ll give you a free PSA of your choice if you make a qualifying purchase this year. It’s a great deal to step up your access with new features that scan devices before they connect to the data center or cloud.

Need to justify upgrading your MAG? Attend this webinar and learn how only the PSA:

- Simplifies cloud security provisioning with domain-based split tunneling
- Secures access to Amazon AWS hosted applications
- Locks down remote user access of the internet with always-on VPN
- Extends on-demand app connectivity to Android smartphone and tablets
- Provides host checking of Mac computers with patch management support and OS version checks

These are just a few why reasons many of your peers have already deployed the PSA. Get your free PSA and step up your access for hybrid IT applications in the cloud and data center.