When is the right time to implement Network Access Control?

November 15, 2016
Webinar Overview

Welcome to Pulse Secure’s webinar series on The Six W’s of Pulse Secure! We will take you through the journey on the perfect formula for staying contemporary in the vast evolving world of Hybrid IT.

For years, NAC was something that had system admins running for the hills because of its reputation for being too difficult to configure and only something that the Department of Defense would only want to dabble in... until now.
The forth webinar in our series will guide you through all the variables and complexities that are associated with Network Access Control, and when it is the right time to implement Policy Secure, your comprehensive and easy solution for BYOD onboarding, granular security, easy deployment, and open integration.

The live webinars will feature a 20-minute presentation and interactive Q&A sessions every two weeks. Please note that an on-demand recording will be available after the webinar has been completed.

Presenter: John Oh, Senior Manager of Product Marketing