Zero Trust Endpoint Visibility and Access Control

Webinar Overview

The Zero Trust principle of verify before granting access if often easier said than done. Given the users, endpoint and IoT diversity, as well as the proliferation of multi-cloud and distributed networks, IT organizations must fortify their capacity for automated visibility, access provisioning and threat response.

Join cybersecurity experts Holger Schulze, CEO & Founder at Cybersecurity Insiders, Tony Massimini, Senior Security Industry Analyst at Frost & Sullivan, and Mike Riemer, Global Chief Solution Architect at Pulse Secure as they discuss best practices, considerations and technologies to enable continuous Zero Trust-based intelligence and access response. You learn more about:

  • Applying a Zero Trust model to endpoint discovery, classification and control
  • Control tradeoffs including agent and agentless, remote, network and cloud
  • Advancements in access provisioning including guest, priv. user, endpoint, IoT, UBEA, IT/OT
  • Ensuring multi-cloud policy and deployment success
Holger Schulze
CEO & Founder
Cybersecurity Insiders
Tony Massimini
Senior Security Industry Analyst
Frost & Sullivan
Mike Riemer
Global Chief Solution Architect
Pulse Secure