Zero Trust Secure Access

Infographic Overview

Zero Trust is critical for  today’s hybrid IT environment.  That’s because enabling Secure Access for today’s mobile, modern workforce is a tall order.  You have users demanding access to applications no matter their location — and increasingly sophisticated malware and hackers banging on your door at the same time.  And now the average cost of a data breach is approaching
$4M USD!

Here at Pulse Secure, we invite you to download our infographic that illustrates some of the benefits of Software-defined Perimeter in a Zero Trust world.  Pulse SDP offers significant advantages:

  • Reduced attack surface
  • Streamlined application access regardless of location
  • Centrally deployed access policies that govern every transaction.

The best part is, Pulse SDP works with your existing infrastructure – there’s no rip and replace!

And, Pulse Secure is the only vendor to offer dual-mode SDP and VPN, offering a single pane of glass for Secure Access management and operational visibility across public cloud, private cloud, and data center.  So, your workforce is even more productive while you sleep better at night knowing that hackers can’t attack what they can’t see.



About Pulse Secure

Pulse Secure provides easy, comprehensive software-driven Secure Access solutions for people, devices, things and services that improve visibility, protection and productivity for our customers. Our suites uniquely integrate cloud, mobile, application and network access to enable hybrid IT in a Zero Trust world. Over 23,000 enterprises and service providers across every vertical entrust Pulse Secure to empower their mobile workforce to securely access applications and information in the data center and cloud while ensuring business compliance.