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Robust IT Strategies that Stand Up to Unexpected Events…FAST

Let’s face it…this is a challenging and scary world we live in…we want to help you survive by preparing for the worst. IT systems are complex - and as your business grows, you need to invest continually to ensure that your systems are robust, secure, and can stand up to catastrophes.

But while it is possible to prepare for the most challenges, it's almost impossible to plan for every possible incident. And even if your systems are not directly affected by an outage, you can be overwhelmed as new customers rush to access your services when their own providers are unavailable. That's why it’s more important than ever to build robust systems, which are designed for rapid restoration of services, and support recovery surges as users come back online.

With Pulse Secure, you can quickly build an IT strategy for reliable, adaptive and secure systems, so that you can respond quickly to unexpected events. So when you need your key employees to access remote services at short notice, Pulse ICE (In Case Of Emergency) enables you to boost access capacity at a moment's notice. And when your applications need to support a sudden surge as users rush to sign up for your services, you can use Pulse vADC to distribute traffic to alternate data centers, or boost capacity without breaking stride:

Global Business Continuity - Customized Disaster Recovery strategies, supporting cross-region cloud or hybrid deployments. Pulse Secure solutions make it easy to restore services on-demand, rerouting the most critical services and prioritizing others.

Reallocate Resources - Just when you need it most, Pulse flexible capacity management can support rapid re-allocation of licensed capacity, to focus resources for rapid recovery.

Pulse ICE - Pulse offers a flexible license option, ICE (In Case Of Emergency) to help keep you up and running, as you restore your operations to full performance.