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RSA Conference 2016: Where the Rubber Meets the Road for Secure Access

The week of RSA Conference is truly a whirlwind for the entire security industry. The event also presents a tremendous opportunity as many of our partners and customers congregate in one central location to not only discuss the changes in the industry, but also the innovations that will shape the future of security. There is no better place to pinpoint how we, as a collective industry, can solve the secure access challenges for end customers.

The 2016 RSA Conference also signified that we are in the midst of a transformation in the security space – one that is being driven by two key trends: cloud and mobile. I’ve recently spoken to a wide range of customers, partners and security organizations with the resounding consensus being that these technologies are having a significant impact on enterprise IT.

However, in observing the floor at RSA, I was surprised to see how so many companies are looking to solve security challenges to enable cloud and mobility by simply enforcing greater control. I can say with absolute certainty that more control is not the answer.

As expected, a strong emphasis at RSA was placed on BYOD and the Internet of Things (IoT). The bottom line: enterprise workers expect to be productive on their terms, that is with a device they choose and specific applications that they are most productive using. While that shift might scare enterprise IT administrators, we need to remember that the transformation brought on by the cloud and enhanced mobility is a good thing. It is better for business when a workforce can be productive on the go and can securely access resources that live in the cloud or the traditional data center. Instead of envisioning firewalls as shields that promote keeping people out, we instead need to create a world where security is about enablement rather than restriction.

Our approach at Pulse Secure has always been focused on ease of use for the end-user – enabling secure access for next generation of workers, apps, networks and things.

The term secure access means different things to different people, but after speaking with a number of attendees at RSA, it can mean accessing applications, infrastructure, storage either delivered from the cloud or the traditional data center. No matter what the end-user is trying to accomplish, they should not have to jump through hoops to be productive.

We doubled-down on that mission at RSA, and were so proud to announce a planned integration with the SAP Fiori platform that allows more than 100,000 customers to securely access corporate data center resources using Pulse Connect Secure.


We also announced Cloud Secure – a feature that enables customers to provide their users with secure access to all applications living in the corporate data center and the cloud.


RSA 2016 was memorable for Pulse Secure, as I’m sure it was for many in the security space. While it was great to meet with customers and partners, sit in on keynote sessions and marvel at the over-the-top booths, we must be cognizant of the transformation taking place.

If we as an industry are focused on keeping everything and everyone out, we are ignoring building a productive environment for the next generation.