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Secure Access in the Cloud

When you hear the word “cloud” what comes to mind? With companies transitioning and migrating applications to the cloud, how will they ensure secure access to cloud resources? Companies of all sizes across diverse industries are embracing cloud-based solutions for their enterprise applications. And companies who have already migrated simple and less critical applications are now evaluating the migration of their next set of large, strategic systems and business-critical applications. According to a recent study, organizations engaged in active cloud projects have migrated 44 percent of their apps, and by 2019, this is expected to reach 62 percent.

Analyst firm Gartner, named IaaS as the fastest-growing segment in the cloud market and is expected to grow 35.9 percent in 2018 to reach $40.8 billion. Amazon Web Services holds the largest IaaS market share followed by Microsoft Azure. This exponential growth of the public cloud is fueled by its seemingly limitless degree of scalability, reliability, redundancy and flexibility in addition to eliminating heavy capital expenses required to setup data centers. Movement to the cloud is now entering a new phase, initially being used for backup/disaster recovery implementations and now evolving to host mission critical business applications.

Pulse Secure, an industry leader in providing Remote Access Solutions for more than a decade, provides Secure Access solutions to resources hosted anywhere in these cloud platforms. Pulse Secure supports hosting Pulse Connect Secure PCS (SSL VPN) as a Virtual Appliance in public cloud services platforms like AWS and Azure, in addition to supporting it on VMWare, Hyper-V and KVM hypervisors. This empowers customers to secure applications and workloads in IaaS cloud and eliminates the need of backhauling traffic to on-premise PCS gateways. Pulse Secure offers three different VA models (PSA3000-V, PSA5000-V, PSA7000-V) that supports the scalability and throughput requirements for SMBs, enterprises and everything in between.

Pulse Secure, having a proven track record in providing best-in-class enterprise security solutions and now with its foray into public cloud allows customers to get security controls similar to on-premise data center for all cloud resources. On one hand, you get all the benefits of cloud deployments like flexibility, ease of management, resource optimizations while on the other hand, you get secure, seamless and compliant access to cloud applications. Appliances in IaaS cloud allows use cases like disaster recovery/business continuity, dynamic elasticity, and 100% availability of services.

Pulse Secure's cloud appliances are custom engineered and purpose-built for cloud, simplifying deployment, operations and management.

Here are some more reasons to consider Pulse’s cloud-based offerings:

Deployment flexibility PCS cloud appliances can be either plugged into existing networks or supports creation of appliances in completely new environment to aid both existing and new deployments. It supports 2 NIC and 3 NIC variants. Integration with Pulse Secure Virtual Traffic Manager (vTM) supports High Availability of appliances in addition to load balancing traffic to appliances.

Simplified Provisioning Support of Cloud Formation/Azure Resource Manager templates allow grouping of resources and eases management of associated services. Provisioning through templates automatically creates relevant security policies and controls unauthorized access. Appliance packages are available in Marketplace for direct deployment and also as VHD/AMI images for any custom deployments.

BYOL Licensing Pulse Secure follows BYOL (Bring Your Own Licensing) model for Public Cloud deployments. Customers need to contact Pulse Secure Support and Sales teams for requesting licenses. Licensing is fine tuned to support subscription models to align with cloud conventions. It also supports hosting the cloud virtual instance as a license server to facilitate better license management.

Automated Configurations Initial system configurations required to bring up an instance are automated for cloud appliances. In addition to this, administrators can retrieve configurations from a file stored on a web server running on-premise or from any secure location. Support of automation methods like DMI and REST APIs enables easy integration with existing tools and automation frameworks for effective management of appliances.

Pulse Secure’s continued investment in the cloud makes it easier for customers to transform their trusted and reliable VPN solution into a Scalable Secure Access solution for hybrid and multi cloud environments.