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Secure Access to your data center & cloud applications

Secure Access to your data center & cloud applications is business critical. Here are some examples of the world’s biggest data breaches in recent years


Further Verizon released its yearly Data Breach Investigations Report and as always, the report is a very informative read. The report gathered information from more than 64,000 security incidents worldwide in 2015, 2,260 of which were actual data breaches.

One of the report’s most alarming statistics reveals that legitimate user credentials were used in most 2015 data breaches. Particularly, Verizon reports that legitimate user credentials were used in the majority of 2015’s data breaches, with some 63% of users using stolen, weak, or default credentials.

There is a buzzword in the industry that the Identity is the new perimeter. Identity is needed to combat data breaches but current IAM (Identity and Access Management) vendors only provide user identity and not device identity, device health/compliance that we believe is very crucial to prevent unauthorized access & data breaches.

At Pulse Secure we provide end-to-end secure access for remote users, on-prem users, mobile users as well as to cloud applications by not only authenticating & validating user’s identity but also device identity and device health check/compliance making sure that your resources/applications are only accessed by trusted users with trusted devices. Which means even though the bad guys steel your user credentials they will not be able to access your data center & cloud applications unless they steel your device as well.

Pulse Connect Secure (PCS), a Best-In -Class SSL VPN is most robust and flexible Secure Remote Access solution which supports broadest range of AAA servers including, out of the box support for free second/multi factor authentication using Google Authenticator to harden your security. By leveraging Cloud Secure features of PCS, organizations can seamlessly transition to the cloud by enabling the secured use of popular cloud service including Office 365, Salesforce, and Dropbox.

Pulse Policy Secure (PPS), a NAC solution from Pulse Secure can centralize network access policy management provides great visibility & highly secure access for on-prem users. Using IF-MAP and standard API, PPS enables easy integration with third-party network and security devices so that you can combat any active threat to your network very efficiently.

Pulse Workspace (PWS) an EMM solution from Pulse Secure provides container security that separates work and personal data and apps. It auto-provisions basic enterprise services such as email, VPN and WiFi. and it Inspires user confidence because it respects their privacy it doesn’t watch over their personal workspace activities.

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