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Secure Access for Hybrid IT with Pulse Secure

While enterprises embracing cloud technologies is a reality, complete migration to cloud may not be a possibility for organizations quite yet. Companies still like to safeguard and hold critical data within their data centers.  The trend is towards Hybrid IT and distribution of resources between enterprise data centers and different cloud vendors. According to Solarwinds IT trends report, cloud computing and hybrid IT will remain a top priority for IT professionals for the next five years. The analyst firm Gartner predicts that by 2020, 90 percent of organizations will adopt hybrid infrastructure management capabilities.

Though the benefits of adopting these new technologies are multifold, it also opens up a new spectrum of security challenges. A cloud specific solution lacks visibility into enterprise data centers and vice versa with enterprise only solutions.

Secure Access for Hybrid IT is the Norm

With Hybrid IT, and increasing complexity in implementing security solutions, a solution is not complete without seamless and compliant access, easy-to-enable and easy-to-use functionalities, increased productivity, and complete network visibility.

Pulse Secure, the industry leader in remote access solutions for enterprises, is pioneering the Secure Access vision with its holistic approach in solving security needs of Hybrid IT environments. The notion is not restricting access to a few devices but giving freedom to an employee to use any device and still get seamless access to resources hosted anywhere, which enables significant increases in productivity. With Pulse Secure, your BYOD enabled workforce is given Secure and Seamless Access to enterprises in a true Hybrid IT environment.

Pulse Secure’s Physical Appliances are designed to deliver reliable and unmatched performance, supporting three variants of appliances catering to all industries. Pulse Secure also supports deployment of  Virtual Appliances in public cloud service platforms like AWS and Azure in addition to supporting custom-engineered Virtual Appliances on VMWare, Hyper-V and KVM hypervisors. Pulse Secure’s strategic investments into cloud adheres well with the overall vision of securing enterprises pursuing Hybrid IT. Pulse Secure Appliances allow deployment of physical, virtual and cloud appliances giving customers the flexibility to choose their own network infrastructure be it on premise, public cloud, private cloud, multi-cloud or hybrid without compromising on the security.

Pulse Secure provides comprehensive Secure Access Solutions for the dynamic and evolving enterprise IT landscapes and is well positioned and committed to drive this transformation.

  • Industry leading VPN gateway - Pulse Connect Secure provides solutions like SSO, best-in-class compliance assessments and MDM integrations giving compliant users/devices seamless access to resources in your hybrid IT deployment making them more productive.
  • Pulse Secure’s network access control solution, Pulse Policy Secure, allows for a granular policy definition enforcement framework, with rich ecosystem support and firewall integrations with vendors like Palo Alto Networks, Juniper Networks, Checkpoint, and Fortinet, making it an ideal choice for implementing Network Access (NAC) solutions for any kind of network.
  • Complete visibility into the network, categorization and profiling of enterprise devices from IP-enabled printers and IP phones, to Internet of Things (IoT) devices through Pulse Profiler gives complete control over the network and enables automated access and enforcement.
  • Pulse Secure’s virtual ADC, the latest addition to the Pulse Secure Access portfolio, delivers fast, reliable application delivery and optimal load balancing solutions.
  • Device compliance validations during initial network connection and continuous monitoring to immediately remediate any violations strengthens the network’s security posture.
  • A unified Pulse Client enables features like Always-On VPN, VPN On-Demand, Per-App VPN and location awareness that enriches the user experience and provides seamless access from anywhere and any device.

Pulse Secure redefines Remote and Network access to give Secure and Seamless access for Hybrid IT.

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