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Secure Access Made Easy – Pulse Secure’s R3 Release

Mobile. Cloud. IoT.  All elements that make up the digital evolution of an innovative company with the future of Secure Access in mind.  Back at RSA 2016, we announced our Secure Access foundation and how we wanted to be an instrumental part of sharing our customers' and partners’ journey in their digital transformation.  Since then, many things have evolved from Bring Your Own Device to now Bring Your Own License, where the latter was a result of consumerization of devices, applications, and hybrid IT.  Meanwhile, we also experienced the on-going challenges that our primary customers, IT departments, were constantly supporting.  As enablers of digital productivity and given our history in remote and onsite access, IT teams looked to Pulse Secure as advisors in their Secure Access journey.

At RSA 2017, Pulse took another major step forward and announced our Secure Access Suites. We were the first in the industry to bundle a security solution across remote, onsite, and mobile under a single management console, Pulse One.  We received rave reviews from both our customers and partners but we also found it amusing that some of our competitors attempted to market their own Secure Access solutions.  Nevertheless,  with our history in remote and onsite access, we continued to move forward for our customers and partners to show the strength of our business by acquiring vADC from Brocade this past summer.

Now, with today’s R3 Release, I’d like to highlight how we are making it easier for our customers and partners to deploy Secure Access solutions.  In this release, we have had the following themes:

  • Stronger portfolio integration – Learn how to maximize your Secure Access investments to meet your growing cloud and data center needs
  • Expanded ecosystem interoperability – Get the latest security smarts on how we secure your Microsoft enterprise services along with market leading NGFWs
  • Revamped admin UX – View the newly added wizards and automation controls to help you quickly deploy and enforce


To get more details on the R3 Release, please view our webinar (click here to register/view).  You can also reach out to Pulse Secure Sales to learn more about our Secure the Future Promotion.