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Securing Access Productivity

As 2017 comes to a close, enterprises are reflecting on the past year's information security challenges and successes, while firming up next year plans. Funding to fortify malware defense, data privacy, IOT protection and system availability continue to be top of mind. Organizations are equally examining where they can optimize resources. In this regard, funds are being applied to data center consolidation and migration to hybrid IT, digital business transformation, and increased operational visibility and automation. Some pertinent questions include:

  • What user, device, geo and service analytics can we use to improve throughput allocation?
  • Where can we apply further insight for managed and unknown devices on our network?
  • How can we unify single sign-on for our diverse set of network, mobile and cloud apps?
  • Why should user onboarding, updating and monitoring continue to be complex?
  • When and where should our security functions be integrated to support dynamic controls?

IT optimization, policy-based orchestration and user experience preservation – these are among reasons why there couldn't be a better time for me to join Pulse Secure, and why enterprises should engage with us and our partners. While originating in the data center with remote access solutions more than a decade and 20,000 customers ago, the company has evolved with industry demand. They have innovated on their Secure Access portfolio to keep ahead of key infosec strategic initatives and investment.

The essense of Secure Access is enabling secure productivity everywhere in a way that gives users an easy, consistent and unfettered user experience, while empowering IT staff with greater delivery efficiency and flexibility. Our Secure Access suite uniquely offers ubiquitous and compliant access between users, devices, applications and services, and works seamlessly across a company’s progressive network, web, mobile, cloud and data center environments.

Leveraging a compelling product portfolio, exceptional support, and mature channel and alliance partners, Pulse Secure is well-positioned to serve enterprise customers, advance our proven technologies to realize our vision, and overall expand our global market presence. But seeing is believing - I welcome prospective customers to check us out, give us a call and take our products for a test drive by visiting