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Late fall, 2017 - we had the privilege of meeting an array of customers and partners during a three-city security roadshow tour in Detroit, Cleveland, and Milwaukee. We spoke to several customers across different verticals in Health Care, Education, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Homeland Security and some network security experts – listening to collective and illuminating conversations. Through it all, we wanted to gain an understanding of the new challenges our customers and partners are facing and hear firsthand how these new priorities were impacting the business, process, and execution of access security.

Frankly, I expected to hear how each sector is responding to rapid technology changes,  and how they were aligning business imperatives to the digital transformation in order to hit business growth plans in addition to how the competition was driving each industry.  While each industry manages subtle differences, we were most surprised by the same key challenges our friends, allies, and colleagues face in “this thing of ours” and dare I say “the Pulse” of their collective enterprise (pun intended).

Thought leaders from manufacturing, aerospace, and healthcare share the same themes through all sectors of the economy, as they plan to address key trends, navigating the move from technology theory to business reality:

Managing Mobility and BYOD – Technology leaders struggle to balance the need to embrace mobility while allowing access to business applications on the move.  How do we manage enterprise applications, proprietary data and the intermingling of disparate business and personal networks?  How do we manage multi-device end-users who average between five-and-seven devices accessing enterprise networks daily? How do we secure consumer devices, tablets and ever-changing short shelf-life smartphones, which makes it hard to enforce uniform policies and protect confidential data?

Pulse Secure helps secure access to some of the largest Healthcare providers, where there is tremendous pressure to reduce costs, and yet great responsibility to secure patient records and clinical research projects while retaining vigilant compliance requirements.

Leverage Cloud for Competitive Advantage –Organizations are leveraging Cloud to deliver bottom-line ROI while doing more with less.  According to Ponemon Institute data, over the past five-years, global enterprises have increased their embrace of cloud technologies by 25% - moving to 55% utilization of cloud models.  Microsoft Office 365 and Azure evolutions are becoming common thanks to solutions like Pulse Secure.

Even in manufacturing, a traditionally asset-focused business model, cloud-driven automation means that manufacturers can drive unprecedented efficiencies from the component supply-chain, right down to individual tool utilization, and outwards to distribution. Pulse Secure helps leading vehicle and equipment manufacturers to optimize their production floor through cloud automation, helping them stay competitive in this multi-trillion-dollar industry.

Improving Security and Risk Management - Banks, Retailers, Credit Unions and Trading Firms are challenged with risk, monitoring, visibility and awareness issues each day. Daily news headlines outline that over half of American consumers have had their personal and financial information compromised this year. Application management, encryption of access and data, and authentication and application patching are key points of vulnerability in many of the breaches and identity thefts affecting digital consumers.

Applications are the New Front Line – Ponemon data outlines that 79% of all breaches, malware, intrusions and digital theft is targeted at the Application Layer. In the past, it used to be that attackers were looking at the network and the infrastructure - but modern applications are so complex that it is often easier for an attacker to unpick the lock than to break down the door. Combine this reality with the competitive drive for digital transformation; it is more important than ever to secure applications with application delivery controllers and intuitive authentication and policy controls.

As we were listening to our customers, the same themes are consistent. Human error plays a key role in the meltdowns, mistakes and business-crushing application failures that cost business billions of dollars annually.

However, as Pulse Secure’s global 28,000 customers realize in alignment to best-practices, training, and an overall intuitive, holistic secure network strategy,  application security tools aligned to pre and post-breach day-to-day practices mitigates and protects against damage from human error in real time, ensuring productivity, progress and collaborative growth for years to come.

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