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Part 3: Securing Enterprise IoT with Pulse Policy Secure

Neiman Marcus, Target, and Home Depot are front and center during this holiday time of the year.  If you recall, they were also key targets of data security breaches. Target reported costs of $148 million (1).  Home Depot reported $43 Million (2) while the high end retailer, Neiman, was only $4.1 million (3). Whether these cyberattacks start from ip-enabled scanners or cameras, this is a national concern, where the CISO (Arlette Hart) of the FBI had addressed ‘how the growth rate of the Internet of Things (IoT) is outpacing IoT security efforts and implored enterprises to take action before disaster strikes.’ (4).

The BYOD Programs that our IT customers have supported are very near to Ms. Hart’s security insights on IoT. 

The past two series on IoT addressed the challenges and best practices.  In this series, we will discuss how Pulse Policy Secure offers the instrumental benefits of having a visibility, control, and enforcement framework in securing the IoT for the enterprise.

Series 3: Power of Pulse Policy Secure Drives Visibility, Control, and Enforcement Framework for IoT.