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Same Security, Less Complexity

It can be tempting to “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” when it comes to the sensitive topic of upgrading hardware appliances. After all, things appear to be running fine. Yes, the security profile is crumbling. Yes, new software releases cannot run on the aging hardware. Yes, the hardware itself may abruptly give up the ghost. But the thought of upgrades and migrations may be so distasteful due to the anticipated complexity that the mounting risk is glossed over.

But, what if upgrading to new hardware appliances …

… is so simple that all you need to do is export configurations off your old platforms and import them to the new platforms?

… is so seamless that you won’t have to make any tedious administrative changes to employee desktops and devices?

… is so swift that migrating the software takes less time than physically racking the hardware?

Simple, seamless, swift. That’s what upgrading to Pulse Secure Appliances is about. And with the upgrade in the bag, your business can move forward with confidence, knowing that you have Secure Access for all your people, devices, things, and services. Not only will you enjoy better performance with the new hardware, but the realized productivity gains and increased scalability will optimize your speed to market as you expand your services.

Then there’s the security: with new Pulse Secure Appliances, you will have the same robust security for your services that you have always enjoyed – and, in many cases, the security will be even better! As Pulse continues to develop and deliver new capabilities, security is always enhanced along the way. These constantly improving security services are a function of the new hardware architecture. To take advantage of new capabilities and the security that wraps around them, an appliance upgrade is essential.

So, don’t be concerned about complexity: it’s simply not there when upgrading your Pulse Secure Appliances. Don’t worry about security: it will be better than ever after you make the move. And, finally, don’t worry about cost: through the end of 2017, you can buy one appliance and get another one free – the best “BOGO” offer you will ever see. Plus, you’ll lower the risk of expensive cyber breaches through improved security, and reap the benefits of increased productivity and scalability. Secure your future now – it’s simple, seamless, and swift, and brings increased security and services that will propel your business into the new year!