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vADC Support Services

Service Overview
Pulse Secure vADC Support provides phone and online assistance globally to help you resolve any issue with your Pulse Secure vADC deployment. Customers who had previously purchased Brocade Essential Support will automatically receive Gold Support from Pulse Secure under their current terms of contract. There is no need to repurchase Gold Support if customers already have a valid Essential tier contract.

Gold Support is designed to increase the productivity of your work force and to reduce operational costs by resolving issues faster and helping you detect issues before they disrupt your network. Gold Support includes unlimited access to our Global Support Centers, online tools, maintenance window coverage, software updates, security vulnerability notifications, and other support services to meet your support needs. In addition, customers can choose one of our expedited hardware replacement options including Same Day, Same Day with On Site Technician, Next Day, and Next Day with On Site Technician.

Service DescriptionPlease refer to Pulse Secure Gold Support for specifics.

Support Equivalence Between Brocade Essential and Pulse Secure Gold Pulse Secure plans to maintain same or better level of SLAs and Support for vADC customers. As an example, the following equivalencies are maintained between the two tiers.

Online Knowledge Base/ Documentation / Forums
Online Portal Access
Email & Web Support
Global Support Center Access
Maintenance Window Coverage
In-depth Root Cause Analysis
Software Releases & Updates
Support Notifications

Global Support Center Access With Pulse Secure Global Support Center (PSGSC) support, you have unlimited 24x7 access to our support engineers by phone and online. As a single point of contact for all of your support needs, PSGSC engineers have extensive experience supporting large-scale networks. PSGSC engineers can help you diagnose system problems, configure, troubleshoot, and provide work-around solutions. To ensure that PSGSC responds as quickly as possible, automatic escalation alerts to senior management are triggered on all priority issues.

Support and Escalation GuideFor information on how to create and escalate support cases, please visit Support & Escalation Guide.