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Software Options to Facilitate BYOD Policies

If there’s a term that truly encapsulates the times we live in, it is mobility. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is truly a natural extension of this trend. With smartphones and tablets now a necessity, BYOD is here to stay. Some companies may ask employees to bring their own devices, while others may utilize a combination of employee-owned and corporate-dedicated devices. Once your company has finalized its BYOD policy, the next question is how to best implement it.

Choosing an enterprise mobility management (EMM) provider is a critical step towards the success of your BYOD program. You need a BYOD solution that is able to strike a balance between safeguarding enterprise security and offering convenience and privacy to your employees. How you manage BYOD vary according to your employees’ concerns, the business requirements of company managers and the security and management needs of your IT organization.

BYOD – Driving Employee Engagement and Data UsabilityVarious studies have revealed some very interesting insights about the advantages of BYOD:

  • 82% respondents in a study by IBM think that smartphones will play a critical role in business productivity.
  • 70% of employees with smartphones check their work emails regularly, outside of business hours.
  • A study by University of Texas at Austin predicted that if the average Fortune 1000 company increased its data usability by 10%, it would lead to an annual revenue increase of nearly $2 billion.

Software Options to Help Organizations Meet the BYOD ChallengeIntroducing a BYOD policy at a workplace, however, brings its own set of challenges with it. The top three challenges being:

1. Companies need to facilitate access to the company VPN from anywhere at anytime
2. Data and information security has to be ensured to prevent leakage of Intellectual Property
3. Companies need to be sure that all major platforms - laptop and mobile - are supported with a native user experience

Unless these challenges are tackled, companies risk a fall in productivity and efficiency; the very aspects that BYOD is meant to optimize. Companies look to BYOD management solutions ideally provided in a PaaS (Platform as a Service) model to meet these challenges.

Solutions that are Scalable, Portable, Secure and Trustworthy The software solutions that a vendor organization provides to help manage BYOD services must deliver on a few critical factors in order to allow effective implementation:

  • the BYOD management service provided must be portable with support for Windows and OSX computers
  • With the exponential rise in the use of mobile devices, mobile platforms such as Android and iOS must be be secured with a native user experience
  • The latest technologies such as IPv6 and HTML5 must be supported to avoid becoming archaic in an ever-evolving market.
  • Security policies have to be intelligent and context aware to avoid the highly inefficient and untrustworthy practice of manual context-based security enforcement.
  • The solution must be efficient enough to make the best use of the bandwidth and infrastructure available within the company network.
  • The solution has to be scalable to accommodate rise or fall in the workforce or number of devices.

Pulse Secure SSL VPN Services – Bringing Greater Productivity, Efficiency & Flexibility to BYODPulse Secure solutions aim to nip in the bud each of the challenges and risks mentioned above. Our SSL VPN services aim to address every concern related to BYOD management services.

With Pulse Connect Secure, your organization can implement a BYOD policy that allows cost-effective, secure, authenticated access via SSL VPN for your remote and mobile users. They will have access from web-enabled apps to thick apps hosted in the cloud or datacenter —anytime, anywhere. It is simple and fast to deploy secure users and employees will be able to quickly “click and connect” from any device, in the office, at home or from the field.

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