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IT teams hear this demand repeatedly from today's workers. People enjoy 24/7 connectivity and engaging user experiences with their personal devices, and want the same benefits when using mobile technology for work. IT administrators are re-evaluating security policies to align and support mobile initiatives like BYOD and cloud computing. But concerns about data leakage and compliance risk, and lack of IT resources, prevent many organizations from moving as quickly as they should to embrace BYOD mobility.

Has your mobile strategy outgrown the use of Exchange ActiveSync for device management? Rather than deploy a new enterprise mobility management (EMM) platform, you can simply activate the integrated EMM capabilities of Pulse Secure. Pulse Secure makes it easy to support BYOD, mobile apps and cloud services from iOS and Android devices.

Pulse One lets IT administrators control enterprise access to the data center and cloud from one management console. It enables converged policy management for security appliances and the mobile devices that connect to them. Pulse Workspace is the perfect container for “bring your own device” (BYOD), with security that separates enterprise and employee data, supports enterprise wipe, and can be used with any mobile app. Together, they provide a holistic solution that is user friendly as well as easy to deploy and administer.

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend has complicated IT issues exponentially. A recent Pulse Secure survey reports that almost 44 percent of respondents use their mobile devices for both personal and business purposes, while fewer than 4 percent use them strictly for business. If business IT leaders think they can keep personal devices off of their networks and out of their resources, consider that 81 percent of respondents admitted to using their devices to access their employer’s network without their employer’s knowledge or permission—and 58 percent do so every single day.

These new issues complicate the use of technologies borne of more “mainstream” remote or mobile initiatives, including IPsec and SSL VPN, network access control (NAC) and endpoint security. The growing focus on BYOD policies stretches these applications over a wide variety of devices, many of which are not managed by corporate IT. The growth in remote and mobile workers, combined with the BYOD trend, would effectively multiply management complexity even if the support technologies worked seamlessly and identically over all devices.

Unfortunately, however, these technologies do not work seamlessly or identically over different devices and operating platforms. This means that enterprise IT departments are presented with the nearly impossible task of managing up to five different pieces of client software on up to five different devices per user. This task would be daunting even if all devices were running identical corporate images, but that is seldom the case, and the adoption of the BYOD model makes it all the more unlikely in the future.


To maintain competitive advantage, today's organizations must simplify the complexities of secure access across the modern, diversified workforce and effectively support BYOD and cloud initiatives. At the same time, they must:

  • Ensure context-aware policies - by role, device, and location
  • Enforce mobile data management (MDM)
  • Gain the network visibility needed to ensure end-to-end compliance
  • Offer self-provisioned BYOD to avoid burdening IT resources

These organizations also typically face:

Barriers to collaboration

Retention and recruitment challenges

Increased overhead

Complex security solutions can prevent workers from accessing corporate networks and resources remotely at business-critical moments, undermining productivity and innovation.

Talented professionals who want to work on the go, but face burdensome security policies and processes, are likely to seek out other employers that support BYOD mobility.

Deployment of access security solutions such as mobile gateways and traditional VPN increases planning complexity, maintenance costs, and the need for expanded user training.


With Pulse Connect Secure and Pulse Workspace, you can say "yes" to the question of BYOD. It is a proven SSL VPN secure mobility solution that's scalable and reliable, and delivers simple, seamless, and secure on-demand connectivity to mobile and remote workers. Pulse Workspace delivers container security that supports any mobile app without modification. Per-app connectivity is controlled via policy and allows apps to securely connect to cloud services or the corporate VPN. It's an end-to-end security solution that empowers your BYOD workers to be productive at all times - everywhere.

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