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Always-On Secure Access

Keeping global organizations online and secure when it matters the most

Secure Access When It Matters the Most

When disaster strikes you must provide continuous Secure Access for your users to support continued business operations.

Interrupted Access

If your users can’t connect your business will stall. So when systems are down, and users are unable to travel to the office, they need a way to stay productive and engaged.

Disconnected Customers

If your customers can’t reach your online services they lose confidence and trust in your brand, and they look elsewhere. Poor service leads to immediate revenue loss, which can be hard to recover.

Isolated Infrastructure

Network or site outage can isolate system resources, which means you can no longer support the workload needed by your business. Inflexible infrastructure makes it difficult to adapt to sudden changes in workload distribution.

Pulse Secure provides continuous access and seamless failover

Pulse Secure can select alternate routes for user access and application routing, to adapt to service and network outages.

Reconnecting Remote Users

Employees can stay productive during infrastructure interruption, knowing that their corporate devices will make their connection to applications and resources seamless, as if they were physically in the office. The use of SSL eliminates the need for client-side software deployment, changes to internal servers, and costly ongoing maintenance and desktop support.

Seamless User Experience

Customers can be redirected to the best application location based on workload and service availability, whether the service is affected by overload or outage. Maintain customer loyalty through service problems, by driving the best possible user experience even under challenging conditions.

Reassign Resources

Flex your resources to adapt to service outages and surges in workload patterns. Pulse flexible licensing means that your resources are never isolated by network outages, allowing user and software licenses to be reassigned to backup data centers.

Pulse Access Suite Plus
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Pulse Access Suite Plus delivers protected connectivity, operational intelligence, and threat response across mobile, network, and multi-cloud environments – providing superior user experience and single-pane-of-glass management. Secure Access management is simplified with centralized policy administration, a unified appliance platform, broad endpoint client coverage, and standards-based infrastructure and cloud interoperability.

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Pulse Secure vADC
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Global Load Balancing helps your users connect automatically to the nearest active data center, by transferring control to a backup site for seamless application access. Pulse vADC can even route access to locations which are less congested, ensuring optimum user experience, even in the case of “soft” outages caused by traffic surges.

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Pulse Secure Flexible Licensing
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The Pulse Secure ICE license option lets you boost resources available to your backup site, in case of emergency downtime at the primary site. Similarly, Pulse vADC offers flexible capacity-based licensing, which means you can reallocate resources to a backup site to support continued business operations during outages.

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Benefits Delivered

  • Access You Can Depend On:  Whatever happens, you can count on Pulse Secure to help maintain secure åand consistent access for you and your customers. Route around network outages, reallocate resources, managing user experience 24x7.
  • Productivity:  Keep your team online, all the time, with secure remote access tools to connect to mission-critical applications for business continuity.
  • Rapid Recovery:  Instant access to help remote teams connect and restore services to full performance following unexpected outages.
  • Consistent User Experience:  Keep your customers online and engaged, by routing them around failed services to maintain continuous services at all times.
  • Optimum Utilization:  Flex your resources to adapt to system outages and traffic surges.


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“We work with partners that rely on our information 24 hours a day, all across the world, and as such our IT systems need to be incredibly reliable and able to scale when needed. We develop a lot of apps inhouse and moving to Microsoft Azure offered us many advantages in terms of security, reliability and an ability to rapidly deploy new infrastructure. However, we recognized that to gain additional automation and optimize our application delivery, we needed a more powerful Application Delivery Controller. Our prior successful on-premise experience with Pulse Secure vADC made it the natural choice.”

– Mark Studer, Director IT Operations, Healthwise

“Especially during times like these, we can rest assured that we have a solid and reliable remote access solution with Pulse Secure to keep the business up and running.”

Security Manager, Large Enterprise Retail Company

“Using Pulse Secure, we instantly scaled up and enabled staff to work from home without issues, saving us weeks of headaches.”

IT Manager, Medium Enterprise Legal Company