Pulse Secure and CASQUE SNR Identity Assurance
Military Strength Security for Pulse Connect Secure SSL VPN
Authentication techniques based on fixed targets can be compromized and remain undetected
Security compromizes through malware, phishing exploits or even privileged insiders are difficult to detect and prevent, and can easily damage a company’s reputation. CASQUE SNR’s keys are changed dynamically and invisibly, removing fixed targets and so are immune to insider attacks, token clones and manufacturer reveal.
  • Flexible workstyle secure access
    Visibility into BYOD environments and offering self-registered guest access.
  • Network surveillance for security orchestration
    Comprehensive policy-based access control that offers real-time monitoring and automated remediation.
  • Easy comprehensive compliance check
    Manage BYOD and other IP-enabled endpoints access to existing networks for policy management, while delivering a café like onboarding experience.
Identity Assurance for Pulse Connect Secure

  • Resists Clones
    Dynamic Key update forces either the real token or a clone to be out of sync so the clone can’t authenticate.
  • Prevents Insider Attacks
    If a privileged insider copies the CAS Server and gives to a collaborator, there is no risk as the generation of keys cannot be replicated.
  • Customer is Key Custodian
    The customer populates the CASQUE SNR Tokens with locally generated keys so the manufacturer or system intergrator is never part of the security risk.
  • Independent Validation
    The CASQUE SNR has been source code certified by UK CESG and can be suitable for UK Government use at Secret, it is also NATO approved.
  • Secure Backup and Transactional Logs
    Provision is made within the system for secure backup at a remote site with rapid recovery in case of failure. Each access and its outcome are logged.
  • Token is not a Cryptographic Item
    CASQUE SNR Token does not contain the complete key-set. Data in the challenge message unlocks the keys allowing stored encrypted keys to be decrypted and temporarily available in dynamic memory.
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