Securing Commerce and Hospitality Companies From Cyber Fraud and Data Breaches

With Escalating Threats and Damages, Companies Must Shore Up Secure Access to Prevent Intruders

Data breach resulting in loss of or compromise to customer personal and financial information

Commerce and hospitality companies have experienced revolutionary change due to the internet, connectivity and mobile computing.

While these digital shifts have driven business they also open each firm to monumental risk of financial and data crime and reputational catastrophe. The recent Marriott/Starwood data breach affecting up to 500 million guests may be the largest data breach in history.

With access being typically being the weakest link, attackers are able to penetrate networks and systems, gaining full control of data, financial, POS and credit card systems. Often these attackers can lurk inside, undetected, for years.

Today, companies must secure access for users of all types on devices of all types using networks of all types. Robust, policy-based security must be implemented across all means of access to prevent a weak link becoming the entry point for an attacker. Access from partners or other vendors must also be protected.

Pulse Secure Provides Commerce and Hospitality Companies with Visibility and Secure Access

Pulse Secure provides a comprehensive way for commerce and hospitality companies to secure their environments even while adopting new digital business initiatives for customers and guests.

Our security framework controls access to the headquarters networks, individual properties and on-prem or cloud-data centers based on based on user, role, device, location, time, network and application, as well as endpoint security state.

It extends limited internal visibility to full visibility across all users, locations, networks and devices and enables consistent security policies across constantly evolving infrastructure while eliminating blind spots and weak links in the potential attack surface.

Visibility of What’s on the Network

Commerce and hospitality companies can use Pulse Profiler to automatically detect and continuously profile managed and agentless devices on various networks and resources. With a single view of all devices connecting to all environments, the security team can monitor devices for profile changes, track device inventory for asset management and gather connectivity information for troubleshooting. Profiler provides visibility, with threat reduction by Pulse Policy Secure, ensuring that companies are fully protected from malware attacks and that detected threats are rapidly isolated and mitigated.

Granular Security Policies for any Use Case

Commerce and hospitality companies can implement a policy-driven “comply-to-connect” strategy that controls access to resources and services, based on device type and health, domain, locations, resources, users and groups. Pulse Policy Secure NAC strengthens network security posture with capabilities that include endpoint vulnerability assessments, device posture checks and alert integration with next generation firewalls for speedy mitigation.

Secure Access Regardless of Location, Device or User

Employees can use the Pulse Client to securely access necessary resources remotely via the Pulse Connect Secure VPN, or locally via the shop Wi-Fi network.  Pulse Policy Secure authenticates employees locally based on their role and desired resource, automatically provisioning firewalls without manual intervention to provide remote access and immediately address customer/guest or infrastructure needs.

Pulse Profiler

Pulse Profiler gives teams full visibility of their financial services environments by automatically discovering and classifying managed and unmanaged devices on the networks. It ensures the highest possible security posture by continuously re-evaluating device profiles, based on DHCP and other fingerprinting methods, to detect and report device profile changes such as MAC address modification.

Pulse Policy Secure

Pulse Policy Secure protects networks and locations from cyber intrusion.  This powerful, context-aware policy engine applies granular policies to control access based on user, role, device, location, time, network and application. This comprehensive solution also enables guest access for partners, endpoint on-boarding and customer-facing applications, including compromised device segregation.

Pulse Connect Secure

Pulse Connect Secure provides fast, secure VPN access to the company resources enabling faster response to customer and business issues and needs.  Connect Secure works seamlessly with Pulse Policy Secure, leveraging the same user client, centralized management console and policy framework.

Pulse Client

Pulse Client gives technicians easy, secure access to networks and resources to speed problem resolution. The Pulse Client provides users with a single, intuitive way to securely connect remotely via VPN or locally via WiFi. Hidden to the user are a number of features that make access frictionless, such as the dynamic provisioning of remote users sessions to branch or headquarters firewalls via IF-MAPS to eliminate additional login prompts.

Female Manager In Restaurant Using Digital Tablet

Focus on the real life benefits the user gains by applying our solutions to solve these industry-specific issues.

  • Secure Access for employees, partners and contractors
  • Secure access for employees, partners, and contractors to reduce the chance of malware infecting critical infrastructure
  • One security framework that protects central and branch networks for transportation, wastewater, electrical power, gas pipelines, etc.