Data Center Access

Access your most sensitive resources – securely – in the data center

If it’s sensitive data, legacy applications, or critical resources, we’ve got you secured, protected, and encrypted

Can you rely on your data center access security?

With new cyber threats and data leakage in the headlines on a regular basis, security breaches have reached crisis proportions. All of this is an indicator that all enterprises must adopt a zero-trust security model.

Authenticate Users

Granting access comes hand-in-hand with authenticating users.  Making sure that users – and their devices – are fully vetted before and during the connection is mandatory for today’s enterprises.  The health of the device – its operating system version, whether it has the latest patches, assessing whether malware is present – must be determined along with finalizing the user’s identity.  Integrating with SAML for single sign-on further secures connections and streamlines the user experience.

Ensure Appropriate Access

Your resources are precious to your business.  You want to enable access to the right resources for the right people, but you want to restrict access for others. Role-based access policies authorize access to your data and applications based on the user’s job.  Additionally, enabling and disabling access for contractors and partners should be as simple as doing so for your full-time personnel.

Reduce Data Loss and Leakage

Hardware failures, human error, malware and ransomware, unauthorized BYOD and mobile device loss are just some of the threats facing enterprises today.  Ensuring that users who access sensitive resources are compliant with security policies is critical.  You want to make sure devices are checked before and during connections and that your workforce adheres to a “comply-to-connect” agreement.

Protect your data center in a zero-trust world

In a “zero-trust” world, Secure Access ensures that only authenticated users with compliant devices can connect to authorized applications and information at any time, from any location, over any network.

Assuring Access Policies and Privileges

Granting access to users is easy.  Ensuring that they have access only to the resources they’re entitled to is more difficult.  Pulse Secure simplifies this process with group policy definitions to restrict access to users, devices, or applications.  And, we go further with endpoint security compliance checking to make sure the devices accessing applications and resources aren’t jailbroken or rooted and infected with malware.

Deep Authentication

Simple usernames and passwords are no longer secure in today’s sophisticated malware environment.  Pulse Secure’s multi-factor authentication (MFA) coupled with single sign-on (SSO) with SAML ensures that users are fully authenticated and authorized.  Using hardware tokens, soft tokens, one-time passwords, and certificates, Pulse Secure also seamlessly integrates with strong authentication and identity access management (IAM) platforms.

Preventing Data Loss and Leakage

Pulse Secure’s Zero Trust approach to security means that users and their devices are checked and authenticated prior to – and during – the connection.  Moreover, policies govern access to resources, making sure that users only have access to authorized resources.  And, the transaction itself is encrypted, preventing threat actors from accessing credentials or accessing sensitive data from man-in-the-middle attacks.  Zero Trust significantly increases the chance that information residing in the data center stays secure.

Pulse Connect Secure
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Pulse Connect Secure is the industry’s leading secure access solution.  Over 20,000 customers trust Pulse Secure to protect access for over 18 million endpoints.  It blends simple, secure access for data centers and cloud with security compliance for endpoints.

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Pulse Policy Secure
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This next-generation NAC solution provides endpoint visibility, easy usability, IoT security and compliance enforcement capabilities. PPS tackles the challenges of securing corporate networks which are being redefined by Hybrid IT, mobile devices and the Internet of Things (IoT).

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Pulse Access Suite Plus
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Pulse Access Suite Plus delivers protected connectivity, operational intelligence, and threat response across mobile, network, and multi-cloud environments – providing superior user experience and single-pane-of-glass management.

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Data Protection

Benefits Delivered

  • Complete authentication and authorization
    Whether your workforce accesses your data center applications from local or remote locations, they and their devices are subject to rigorous compliance checks before connecting.  This ensures that the security and integrity of your sensitive corporate information remains intact and reduces the chance of lost or stolen data.
  • Streamlined and secure access
    Pulse Secure’s unified client means that users have the same secure experience when accessing data center applications.  Whether they’re using a laptop or mobile device, our always-on, on-demand, and per-app VPN solutions means that your users are fully protected regardless of their location.  And, Pulse Secure’s single sign-on solution integrates with SAML 2.0 for simple, fast, and secure access.
  • Easy centralized management
    Pulse Secure’s central management console makes management of your deployment of Pulse Secure appliances, laptops, mobile, and IoT devices simple and straightforward.  For example, you can take advantage of group-based management that enables automated updates of configurations, policies, and features by IT groups.  APIs and connectors enable easy integration with Active Directory or other systems, including EMM/MDM applications.  And, there are context-aware visibility and reporting features for appliances and mobile devices, including context-aware compliance reports.

Baloise Insurance

"What seems like a simple solution is actually extremely well thought-out and definitely best-in class. It offers us scalability, security, and simplified management without a lot of complexity.”

 - Serge Bontemps, Service Manager, Baloise Insurance

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“Pulse One is Pulse Secure’s centralized management tool that has allowed us to have a single pane of glass through which we can access any and all of the other Pulse Secure products we use. With Pulse One, VirtualArmor has been able to manage our devices, implement different technologies and protocols, complete configuration changes and, if necessary, wipe a mobile device in a matter of minutes. If we get a call that our CFO has left his iPad on a plane, we can immediately log into Pulse One and wipe that device, and we know that our enterprise is going to be protected.”

 - Matt Brennan, Vice President of Sales, VirtualArmor