Pulse Secure for Education
Anytime, Anywhere Secure Access for the Modern Classroom
Manage BYOD and context-aware access for the next generation of research, teaching, and learning.
We offer an institutional-grade network visibility and control solution that supports today’s BYOD and guest access management needs while deploying easily in existing network environments. Academic institutions need to ensure that academic freedom in the modern classroom are protected and secure.
  • Classrooms aren't a place
    Educators need to create a rich distance learning experience to remote satellite campuses or the homes of students.
  • Budgets are tight
    We get it, you want to provide a great experience to your students but don't want to replace what you have. Don't worry.
  • Students expect the best
    Students are accustomed to a great tech experience at home, and they now expect the same from school.
Enable new, easy-to-use network access control services using Pulse Policy Secure

  • Self-Registration with automatic credential delivery
    Customizable portal offers an easy-to-use, cross-platform registration process. User receives credentials via email, SMS text, or print.
  • Industry Leading Scale
    Proven enterprise-grade scale to keep your students and academics on-line.
  • Meet every modern user's expectations
    Offer carefree, cafe-style wireless experience to students, faculty, administrators, and guests.
  • Institutional Compliance
    Monitor copyright downloads to comply with Digital Rights Millennium Copyright Act. Meet Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) by keeping all endpoints up-to-date with host-checker.
  • Seamless Campus Roaming Experience
    Role-based provisioning with the option of onboarding remotely via Pulse Connect Secure.
  • 1-2-3 Setup with Existing Networking Infrastructure
    Interoperates with Cisco, HP Aruba, and Ruckus Wireless LAN Controllers along with other networking switches and wireless.
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