Pulse Secure for Financial Services
We add complete visibility, compliance and enforcement to financial networks.
Pulse Policy Secure substantially lowers risk to a financial network you already thought was secure.
As the financial industry adopts BYOD and Cloud to serve their internal and external customers, the risk associate with accessing financial data is increased. Whilst firewalls, IDS and IPS are effective at the network perimeter, they serve little assistance within the network. Pulse Policy Secure compliments these solutions by taking real-time enforcement actions based on threat detection and endpoint compliance checks. Additionally, Pulse Policy Secure’s comprehensive access policy engine can control authorized and nonauthorized devices and users on the network.
  • End-point Compliance
    Ensure that devices comply with IT directives to protect against malware/viruses and potential information loss.
  • Visibility
    Centralized visibility of all users and endpoints accessing financial and client data.
  • Industry regulations
    The need to comply with industry best practices PCI DSS and other regulations such as GLBA and SOX.
Pulse Policy Secure gives you complete control and visibility of who and what connects to your network.

  • Granular policy and end-point visibility
    Detailed visibility and enforcement of who (user), what (app), with (device), when (time) and where (location) on the network.
  • Regulatory compliance
    Meets the advanced security requirements of PCI DSS, FIPS 140-2 compliance and Common Criteria NDPP certification.
  • Plays nice with your network
    Interoperable with existing network infrastructure such as switches, wireless controllers, AD, Firewalls, IDS and SIEM.
  • Comprehensive endpoint compliance and patch management
    Enhanced assessments of endpoint device health and security state.
  • Guest management
    Ability to create time-limited guest accounts for contractors and visitors.
  • Seamless Secure Access from anywhere
    Combined with Pulse Connect Secure, users can roam networks whilst maintaining uninterrupted Secure Access.

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