Pulse Secure for Government
Federated visibility and control for Smart Government
Visibility and Assurance for e-Public Services (Civic public services)
Seeking to improve citizen services for the digital individual, leaders of “smart cities” are re-inventing and streamlining today’s public services. Local experiments include “smart parking” that helps commuters find spots (and streamlines city enforcement) via their in-dash navigation or smartphone. To ensure an appropriate and consistent level of security, government IT organizations must demonstrate and maintain compliance with a large and growing number of regulations, directives, and standards.
  • Civic-ready Secure Access
    Multi-tier ‘Acceptable Use’ security policies across federal, state and local branches for public sector employees, contractors, and citizens.
  • Cyber Readiness Inspection
    Comprehensive policy-based access control that offers real-time monitoring and automated remediation.
  • Interoperability to Existing Networking Infrastructure
    e-Government mandates interoperability for improved efficiency, transparency, accountability, and access. Policy Secure interoperates with any vendor’s standards-compliant switching and wireless infrastructure. We have enhanced vendor-specific customization for integration with Cisco, Aruba, Ruckus.
Institutional-grade Secure Access for Federal, State, and Local Entities

  • Citizen-grade Guest Access
    Remove cumbersome and resource-intensive guest access interface and offer simple café-like access to resources for your constituents.
  • Civic Compliance
    Comply with North American, European and international regulatory mandates and directives designed to protect sensitive information, from FISMA to ENISA.
  • Control Inside and APT Attacks
    Monitor network activity and health with the ability to link into an Advanced Threat Protection and Mitigation System.
  • Community-based BYOD
    Meet multi-level security policies of federal, state, and local with a dynamic context-aware (who, what, when, where) platform that supports pervasive access.
  • Comprehensive Network IQ
    Offers a coordinated cross-platform network collaboration among parts of the IT infrastructure from asset and configuration management to SIEM.
  • Unified Remote/Onsite Access
    Provide an optimal and cost-effective secure access experience for those workers who frequently commute remote to onsite.

Customer Stories
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