Pulse Policy Secure and Great Bay Software
Real-time, Contextual Visibility for Comprehensive NAC Deployments
Continuous Visibility and Assurance of Any Endpoint for Network Performance and Security
6.4 billion connected things are in use worldwide in 2016*. IT administrators need automated solutions to discover and document all network-attached endpoints, managed as well as unmanaged. Since every endpoint must be discovered, located, and provisioned prior to being authenticated on the network, many enterprises have stalled authentication projects yet face network blind spots. Great Bay Beacon offers a comprehensive real-time inventory of every connected endpoint and makes endpoint management effortless.

The combination of Great Bay Beacon and Pulse Policy Secure offers comprehensive, context-aware network access control delivering automatic classification, authentication, and real-time monitoring of endpoints to support BYOD and IoT for the enterprise.
  • Secure Company-Owned Endpoints Including IoT
    Generates an automated real-time inventory of all endpoints, including those known to be non-responsive hosts, and automatically classifies them.
  • Simplify and Streamline BYOD and IoT Initiatives
    Ensures every endpoint connecting to the enterprise network—even personal mobile devices that have not yet been provisioned and IoT devices—is identified, authenticated, and dynamically assigned an appropriate role with Pulse Policy Secure.
  • Mitigate Network-Threat Events
    Comprehensive policy-based access control that offers real-time monitoring and automated remediation.
Real-Time, Context-Aware Network Access Control Benefits

  • Automated real-time discovery of endpoints
    Eliminates the need for manually discovering and documenting network-attached endpoints. Automatically assigns a profile based on device type classification to all connected endpoints, providing increased visibility for the IT administrator.
  • Unified authentication of endpoints
    Centralizes authentication, dramatically reduces NAC deployment time, and facilitates the mobility of networked devices and users that today’s businesses demand.
  • Real-time and historical views of endpoints
    Offers a better understanding of the state of all network-connected endpoints with on-going mining and leveraging of device location, previous addressing, and behavioral attributes and data.
  • Addresses regulatory and government requirements
    Uniform, cross-platform network collaboration between Pulse Policy Secure and Great Bay Beacon enables discovery and appropriate action against rogue devices, spoofed endpoints, and other policy violations.
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