Hitachi Vantara
Hitachi and Pulse transforming global organizations with state-of-the-art Object and Cloud storage solutions and a software-based Application Delivery Controller.
Pulse Secure vADC provides reliable, secure and optimal delivery for Hitachi’s Infrastructure and Cloud solution.
The Hitachi Content Platform is an Object and Cloud storage solution that enables IT organizations and Cloud service providers to share and synchronize secure files from a single system. Pulse vADC makes this solution even faster, more scalable, adding layers of security and closer control of their applications.
  • Proprietary Access
    Other object storage solutions can only be accessed via integrated 3rd party applications, using closed protocols.
  • Scalability Needs
    Performance and Security must be scaled out to meet global storage deployments.
  • Custom Deployments
    Custom business rules need to be implemented to suit complex requirements
Pulse vADC helps to deliver the highest levels of platform availability for the Hitachi Content Platform

  • Integrated Solution
    Pulse vADC is Integrated, certified and tested with Hitachi Solutions.
  • Higher Performance
    Optimal performance with improved utilization of system resources.
  • Simplified deployment
    Reducing complexity when deploying large solutions.
  • Global Resilience
    Improving uptime and reliability for global applications.
  • Visibility & Security
    Enforce policies and business rules using Deep packet Inspection.
  • Closer Control
    Content-based routing helps control how traffic flows through your environment.
  • Application Analytics
    Analyze traffic and throughput to gauge the health of your application.
  • Flexible Deployment
    Choose a solution to suit your deployment, hardware, software or cloud.

Global Scalability
Scale compute and storage nodes independently to meet global performance and security needs

Open ecosystem makes it easy to create custom applications to store and access objects and custom metadata, and enforce policies across global apploication clusters
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