Securing Manufacturing Companies From IP Theft, Factory Disruption, Robotic Manipulation and IIoT Hijacking

The smart factory floor is boosting productivity with greater automation, IIoT data and globalized supply chains but with it comes cyber risk.

Manufacturing companies face challenges from two directions.

First, cybersecurity threats continue to escalate in number, severity and complexity.  In August 2018 the world’s largest semiconductor company, TSMC, was hit with a ransomware infection that halted production in multiple factories, crippled materials handling systems and production equipment. The cost of damage was an estimated $255 million.

A significant percentage of manufacturing companies, including European steel conglomerate ThyssenKrupp, have been victims of stolen intellectual property, totaling billions of dollars.

Sabotage remains a serious threat that could yield horrific results including loss of life. Additionally, robotic production equipment has proven vulnerable to attacks of self-destruction or damage to finished goods.

Second, manufacturers are quickly embracing IoT and IIoT to advance Six Sigma initiatives and collect valuable data.  The use of automation and robotics in smart factories is accelerating production and reducing costs. Supply chains continue to become more globalized, with greater integration of partner or supplier systems. All of these trends make the smart factory more vulnerable to security gaps and attacks.

Pulse Secure Provides IT and OT with Visibility and Access

Pulse Secure Provides IT and IoT with Visibility and Secure Access

Pulse Secure provides a comprehensive way for manufacturing companies to secure their environments and provide connectivity that ensures maximum uptime of the smart factory floor. Our security framework controls access to the corporate network and factory floor based on based on user, role, device, location, time, network and application, as well as endpoint security state.

Visibility of What’s on Your Network

Pulse Profiler automatically detects and continuously profiles managed and agentless devices on the corporate network and factory floor.  With a single view of all devices connecting to IT and IoT/IIoT environments, your security team can monitor devices for profile changes, track device inventory for asset management and gather connectivity information for troubleshooting.  Pulse Profiler’s visibility with threat reduction by Pulse Policy Secure, ensures that manufacturers are fully protected from malware attacks and detected threats are rapidly isolated and mitigated.

Granular Security Policies for any Use Case

Pulse Connect Secure VPN implements a policy-driven “comply-to-connect” strategy that controls access to resources and services, based on device type and health, domain, locations, resources, users and groups. Pulse Policy Secure NAC strengthens network security posture with capabilities that include endpoint vulnerability assessments, device posture checks, and alerts integration with next generation firewalls for fast threat mitigation.

Secure Access Regardless of Location, Device or User

Smart Factory technicians use the Pulse Client to securely access the factory floor remotely via the Pulse Connect Secure, or locally via the shop WiFi network.  Pulse Policy Secure authenticates technicians locally based on their role and desired resource, automatically provisioning factory floor firewalls without manual intervention to provide remote access and speed factory repairs.

Pulse Essentials Plus Suite

Essentials Plus provides secure, seamless hybrid IT access for desktops, laptops, mobile, and IoT devices to data center and cloud infrastructure.  And, it includes centralized, cloud-based management of Secure Access infrastructure with extensive interoperability.



Pulse Advanced Plus Suite

Advanced Plus adds on-premise role-based and device access enforcement and Optimal Gateway Selection that connects users to nearest available application gateway for best response, and User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA).

Pulse Enterprise Plus Suite

Enterprise Plus adds robust disaster recovery capabilities across regions, data centers, and cloud along with flexible load balancing for applications and gateways for optimized traffic flow and user experience.

What the right solution for you?

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"Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) chose Pulse Secure as a 'Top Three' vendor in 2018 for delivering 'Network Access Control with IoT enablement,' highlighting Pulse Secure’s scalability, IoT device authentication, contextually-aware policy controls, inclusion of a RADIUS server, dash boarding, reporting and alerting, and third-party integrations."

Enterprise Management Associates


Benefits Delivered

Focus on the real life benefits the user gains by applying our solutions to solve these industry-specific issues.

  • Secure Access for IT and OT
  • One security framework that protects both the corporate network and factory floor
  • The fourth industrial revolution is here and Pulse Secure helps  IT and operation technology (OT) departments address the challenges that modern manufacturers face as they retool with the cloud and Internet of things (IoT) .
  • Pulse Secure gives manufacturers greater insight and visibility into factory floor network activity with the ability to prevent or mitigate cyber intrusions that can bring factory floors to a halt.
  • When equipment failure happens, Pulse Secure provides technicians with remote VPN access of the factory floor to speed problem diagnosis and repair. Role based access limits technician access to the equipment they are authorized to work on. Dynamic provisioning of factory floor firewalls facilitates access without time consuming coordination between IT and OT teams or multiple logins for technicians.