Network Cloud Visibility2

Worried about security breaches? Visibility is the first step to prevention.

Visibility delivers contextual security data, including user role, device type, and application used.

What’s on Your Network?

Only 10% of organizations are fully aware of what’s connected to their corporate network. Not knowing is a serious flaw in any security strategy.

Networks are Increasingly Under Attack

The 2017 Annual Cybercrime Report from Cybersecurity Ventures predicts that cybercrime will cost the world $6 trillion annually by 2021, up from $3 trillion in 2015. With new cyber threats and data leakage in the headlines on a regular basis, security breaches have reached crisis proportions.

Cloud and Mobile Create New Risks

The growing adoption of cloud service such as Office 365 combined with increased use of mobile devices means companies must ensure that only authorized individuals are allowed access to avoid any kind of security breach. And with the cost of data breaches  averaging $4M USD each – not including costs associated with brand reputation, compliance, and customer or end-user notifications – businesses must make certain access to the cloud is as secure as their data center  or risk regulatory and financial exposure.

More “Things” are Connecting to Networks

IoT is exploding with printers, IP-phones, smart TVs, personal WiFi, security cameras, sensors, and other peripheral devices becoming commonplace in enterprise offices and can be easily connected to the corporate network. The security of these systems, from changing default passwords to installing patches, is often an afterthought at best – leaving most IoT devices vulnerable to attack and misuse. Typically, organizations are unaware of these devices, and the myriad ways they are connecting to their internal systems and data.

Pulse Secure Puts IT in the Know

Deploy Pulse Profiler to detect and profile managed, susceptible and unknown devices that connect to your corporate network, including mobile devices and laptops that access cloud services such as Office 365, Box and Salesforce.

Automate Discovery

Pulse Profiler automatically discovers and classifies managed devices and unmanaged devices (e.g. printers, VOIP phones, IP cameras and IoT devices) that are connecting to the data center and cloud.

Track Behavior

Profiler enhances security for managed and unmanaged devices with behavioral analytics that utilize user and device traffic patterns to detect compromised devices.

Respond in Real Time

Profiler visibility is the first step to real-time prevention and automated response to threats that are the result of insider activity, privilege misuse, non-compliant and unsanctioned devices and device loss.

Pulse Access Suite Plus
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Pulse Access Suite Plus delivers protected connectivity, operational intelligence, and threat response across mobile, network, and multi-cloud environments – providing superior user experience and single-pane-of-glass management.

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Pulse Policy Secure
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Pulse Policy Secure (PPS) is an enterprise-class NAC solution that delivers network visibility, “comply to connect” policy enforcement and security orchestration with popular switch, wireless controller, NGFW, SIEM, EMM and endpoint security solutions.

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Pulse Profiler
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We’ve made it easy to implement your NAC strategy. Start first with Pulse Profiler for visibility and then upgrade to the full NAC capabilities of Pulse Policy Secure when your networking environment and potential risks are fully understood.

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Frost & Sullivan

“With growing attacks, BYOD and data privacy issues, enterprises must get a handle on users, endpoints and IoT devices accessing their network resources. Pulse Secure is distinguished by offering the benefits of both pure-play and infrastructure NAC providers. Unlike infrastructure NAC, Pulse Secure is integrated and works with popular switches, wireless, and security infrastructure to facilitate deployment and threat response. Unlike pure-play NAC offerings, Pulse Secure offers VPN and NAC solutions that amalgamate mobile, cloud and network oversight. The combination delivers enterprise value for user, endpoint and IoT visibility, as well as threat response.”

- Tony Massimini, Senior Industry Analyst, Frost & Sullivan

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Quadrant Knowledge Solutions

“With workforce mobility, data privacy, malware and IoT security risks, organizations are taking advantage of the operational visibility and threat mitigation capabilities of third-generation NAC solutions. In particular the value of combining VPN and NAC platforms, such as the Secure Access Platform provided by Pulse Secure, enhances the fidelity of oversight that an organization can apply to users and devices while they are remote, both pre- and post-connection to networks and clouds.”

 - Piyush Dewangan, Principal Industry Analyst, Quadrant Knowledge Solutions