Secure Access for Office 365
Protect enterprise data and simplify user access to the cloud
Retool for mobile and the cloud
Retool your network to deliver secure access for laptops and mobile devices to the data center and Office 365. Pulse Connect Secure integrates with Pulse Workspace to provide policy-based connectivity via a BYOD container. Pulse Workspace works on iOS and Android devices, giving users mobile access to the full Office 365 app suite. It also works with other cloud services like Salesforce and Box.
  • Data Leakage
    Authorized users create compliance issues by using unsecured devices such as their home laptop to download sensitive email and content.
  • Password Issues
    Password complexity and duration policies trigger help desk calls which Forrester estimates annually costs companies $179 per user.
  • SaaS Adoption
    Email is often the first app that moves to the cloud, how can you rapidly secure access to it and other applications like Salesforce and Box?
Pulse Secure extends secure access to the cloud

  • Cloud flexibility
    Provide secure access to Exchange Online, Office 365 and other non-Microsoft services such as Salesforce, Box, Concur, Dropbox and more.
  • Automatic compliance
    Only authorized users with compliant devices can access applications and services in the cloud or data center which prevents data leakage.
  • No passwords
    Single sign-on (SSO) with certificate authentication means no more passwords for users to fuss with.
  • Productive users
    Use native mobile apps such as Word, Powerpoint, Excel and other Office 365 apps to boost worker productivity.
  • Easy BYOD
    An easy to use and deploy BYOD container let’s you respect user privacy and wipe enterprise data without affecting personal apps and content.
  • Simple onboarding
    Self-service onboarding auto-provisions email, VPN and WiFi access. Apps are pushed to the user’s device based on group policy.
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