Secure Access for SAP Fiori mobile apps
Integrate Pulse Secure VPN access into any SAP Fiori mobile app.
We make it simple for your SAP Fiori app to connect to your data center from anywhere.
Pulse Secure is bringing simple Secure Access to the 100,000 user strong SAP Fiori developer community. SAP customers can enable their next generation of mobile workers with transparent Secure Access to SAP systems in the data center without managing the user's device or installing a VPN client. Every Fiori app can be a secure and self-connecting app.

  • Desire for Fiori apps to work from anywhere
    Workers want Fiori apps to "just work" but the challenge is that Fiori apps require a back-end that is typically deployed behind the firewall.
  • Mobile worker compliance
    Your mobile workforce wants a native user experience while you need to meet deeper compliance requirements and information security measures.
  • Simple Secure Access to SAP systems
    Workers need no-thought connectivity from any device, managed or unmanaged back to your data center.
Make our leading Pulse Connect Secure VPN natively available to your SAP Fiori mobile applications.

  • Simple for workers
    Secure Access to the enterprise datacenter is transparent to workers.
  • Baked in
    SAP Fiori app developers will love how easy Secure Access is to “switch on” in their apps.
  • No VPN Client means no configuration
    Workers will love the fact that there is no VPN client on their device and nothing to configure, just install the Fiori app.
  • Per-app granularity
    IT have complete control over Secure Access from specific SAP Fiori apps.
  • Managed and unmanaged devices
    It doesn't matter whether the device is managed or unmanaged as the Fiori app is the only thing needed from the user's perspective
  • Access anywhere
    Workers can forget about where they are and what network they are on.
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