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A Proactive Approach to Threat Protection for Zero Trust Networks

Discover and analyze threats to counter attacks before they happen

Behavioral Analytics

Detecting a breach before it happens is the holy grail of security. Through behavior analytics, organizations can utilize user and device traffic patterns to detect a possible anomaly.

Lack of Network Visibility

Predicting when the next cyber attack will occur is near impossible. Security professionals are at a disadvantage without complete visibility of what users and their devices are on their network.

A Myriad of False-Positive Alerts

Organizations are bombarded daily with thousands of alerts and left helpless in determining the next alert to prioritize and remediate.

Threat Protection for Zero Trust Networks

Infrastructure sprawl, a blurred network perimeter, and heterogenous networks all add to the complexities of corporate device security.

Pulse Secure Zero-Trust Threat Protection

Pulse Secure provides enterprises with a zero-trust framework which assumes nothing inside or outside of enterprise perimeters is trusted and the network must verify anything and everything trying to connect to its systems before granting access.

Behavioral Analytics

Pulse Policy Secure prevents threats using behavioral analytics that track user and device traffic patterns to detect compromised devices. Behavioral Analytics builds baseline device behavior profiles by collecting and correlating traffic, user, and device data. Profiled behavior helps detect anomalous device activity, malware infections, and domain generation attacks. Once an anomaly is detected, security teams can proactively isolate and mitigate the detection.

Enhanced Security Alerting

The Pulse Solution integrates its own API and behavior analytics data with security industry best-of-breed security next-generation firewall, SIEM, and anti-virus vendors. The result is a broader security view of the network and additional contextual security data that enables organizations to drastically reduce false-positives alerts, prioritize the most important incidents, and maintain a proactive threat protection approach.

Zero-Trust Security Framework

The Pulse Secure zero-trust framework prevents threats by assuming nothing inside or outside of the enterprise perimeters is trusted and the network must verify anything and everything trying to connect to its systems before granting access. The Pulse solution discovers and profile devices, then secures them with policies for local and remote access are based on user role, device used, type of access needed and targeted resource.

Pulse Access Suite Plus
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Pulse Access Suite Plus delivers protected connectivity, operational intelligence, and threat response across mobile, network, and multi-cloud environments – providing superior user experience and single-pane-of-glass management.

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Pulse Policy Secure
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This next-generation NAC solution provides endpoint visibility, easy usability, IoT security and compliance enforcement capabilities. PPS tackles the challenges of securing corporate networks which are being redefined by Hybrid IT, mobile devices and the Internet of Things (IoT).

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Pulse Virtual Web Application Firewall
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Pulse vWAF is a scalable web application firewall, offering the highest protection and performance for Web and cloud application security. Secure your applications, help meet PCI-DSS compliance requirements, and protect application layer attacks (eg, OWASP Top Ten)

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Benefits Delivered

  • Pulse Secure Behavior Analytics:  Understand traffic patterns to determine future attacks. Nominal device behavior is useful in detecting malicious activity, malware infections, and domain generation attacks. User and device behavior add context to possible anomalies and help isolate security incidents.
  • Curated Alert Data:  Wade past false-alerts and focus on what really matters. Through event correlation, organizations can contextualize enterprise security events with user and device behavior data, and reduce false-positives, and prioritize alert data.
  • Threat Protection for Zero Trust networks:  Defend against external hackers and insider threats. Nothing inside or outside the network is trusted in Zero-Trust networks. Secure Access based on user, device, and other security criteria protects and prevents breaches.