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Strava-Fit-Bit Global Heat Map - 27 Million Compelling Reasons for Secure Access

When fitness tracking data monitoring giant, Strava, recently published its’ “heat map” of human athletic-and-training activity, little did it know that it would become fodder for a major intelligence breach that would cause heart palpitations at the Pentagon, CIA, Scotland Yard, FBI and NSA – to name a few.

The cloud based service illustrated billions of workouts, morning jogs and Special Ops reconnaissance forays, enabling terrorists, enemies and bad forces with evil intentions to gain a window into the Free World’s most sensitive military, support and supply chain locations – via 27 million individuals aligning their Fit-Bits through Strava.

Simply put, anyone who wants to know U.S. and Free World troop, humanitarian aid and medical personnel locations can download the free “heat-map” from Strava and reverse-engineer our “secret,” classified global positions.

“This unintentional breach is a classic Use Case demonstrating the unique benefits of Pulse Secure’ s Secure Access capabilities,” said Prakash Mana, Vice President, Product Management at Pulse Secure.

“In a perfect world, every transmission that is mission-critical should be encrypted and moving from segmented access points with no visibility except for targeted recipients,” Mana continues.  “Pulse Secure’s holistic Secure Access system enables single-sign on back-end encryption via our leading edge Connect Secure solution. We extend these capabilities into the cloud via Cloud Secure, ensuring that every interaction with an application like Strava is encrypted, secure and invisible to prying digital eyes.”

Pulse Secure is aligning its’ best-in-science IOT capabilities to prevent disasters like the Strava “heat map” and the Dyn “baby monitor” Denial of Service attack where global 24 x 7 x 365 hacking organizations based in Eastern Europe took down Twitter, Reddit, Spotify and the New York Times on one Friday afternoon in October 2016.

Pulse Secure is the best-in-class Secure Access Standard leveraged by over 20,000 customers, 28 million end-points, 13 of 15 free world governments and 80% of the Fortune 100. Pulse Secure provides air-tight SSO-based encryption, application monitoring, inside-out application security – and with our merger-acquisition of Brocade’s Virtual Application Delivery Controller – cloud-based application load-balancing, application patching, maintenance and real-time “whack-a-mole” type movement to avoid detection and visibility for applications like Strava, Mana adds.  With Pulse Secure – our right-time-use customers receive:

  • Device-application layer visibility.


  • Single-sign-on ease of use combined with two-factor authentication ensuring digital invisibility to outside eyes.


  • Network Access Control and role-based-access compliance assurance in alliance with best-in-science firewall and security-incident-event-management capabilities.


  • Application containerization, separation, monitoring and inside-out security at the app-device level.


  • Cloud-based application load-balancing, movement and global patching capabilities any-everywhere on the planet – providing virtual-cloud-based capabilities that are distinctive-and-compelling in our industry.


Pulse Secure’s industry defining Connect Secure capabilities were built on the battlefields of the Middle East and earned 13-consectutive Gartner Magic Quadrant distinctions as part of its’ recent history.

Common-Sense is Common Sense; the U.S. Military and its’ superb cyber-security experts need to leverage the reinvigorated Pulse Secure to counter-act cloud-based “heat maps,” extinguishing breaches at their fiery core.