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Stronger Authentication: The key to reducing data breaches

The US Government started last week with quite a headache when data of at least four million current, and former, government workers was breached. As any security professional will tell you, this is exactly the situation that keeps us up at night. Fortunately, for security breaches of this magnitude there is a prevention method when understanding the value of authentication - the method of reducing vulnerability to hackers and other security threats.

A recent New York Times article broke down the series of security flaws that led to the breach. The two items that stuck out were poor security techniques and insufficient authentication. The poor security techniques started with a lack of inventory and grew increasingly inferior when the agency was not regularly scanning for vulnerabilities. The agency wasn’t even deploying a basic authentication, something comparable to online banking, and certainly not something appropriate enough to defend the personal information of those requesting top secret security clearance. The article outlines that the surprising part of the breach was not the hack itself but the fact that it took Chinese hackers so long to discover the gaps in the security.

Basic authentication techniques are used every day to defend our banking information, but this week has taught us that some information must require a greater level of authentication as a form of defense. Being able to confirm the identity of the person accessing our personal information is essential to reducing vulnerability to hackers of all kinds.

This most recent security breach has shown our nation’s vulnerability, and how improved authentication practices could have help eliminate the risk for a data breach. At Pulse Secure we believe in usable security. Enterprises, governments and consumers needs strong authentication that is nearly invisible as we collectively go about our business – from multiple devices in various locations. We value our customers’ needs for reducing vulnerabilities by defending their personal and professional information through a variety of authentication methods offered through our Pulse Secure Client - Mobile VPN Solution.