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Taking the Pulse

It’s easy for a product or service provider to claim that “We listen to our customers” but how do you actually prove it? When Pulse Secure became an independent company over two years ago, we decided that delivering world class support should go hand in hand with listening to and becoming more reactive to the needs of our customers. It was a strategic decision that came from the very top, supported by investments in technology and people that help us deliver results on a day to day basis.  At a practical level this meant investing in a customer experience management platform with Satmetrix and aligning our processes so that our customers’ voice could be heard in a quantified way and directed to the parts of the business that needed the information most.

With over 20,000 customers worldwide, our support teams handle over 3500 support calls each month. These can be as simple as basic troubleshooting to requests for a new feature. These calls are a great starting point and we send out around 1000 transactional surveys each month. To supplement surveys we collect data from ‘listening posts’  in place – such as social media and user forums – to provide a richer and more complete view of the customer experience and sentiment.

Surveys that raise flags are routed to the appropriate business manager within Pulse who determines the necessary course of action to close the loop with the customer and the issue. Negative scores mandate an immediate call from the management team, along with an alert to ensure the customer is contacted personally. If the issue goes beyond the confined support experience, the relevant business team and stakeholders are brought in to develop a remediation plan to close the gap, whether it is a product, marketing, or engineering function.

This feedback loop is vital to ensure that we are continually aligned with what our customers need and this process helps us to strategize the company’s roadmap and play a daily role in how we assign work and approach tasks.

To prove that this is working takes only a look at a number of metrics. For example, our Net Promoter Score (NPS) which measures customer experience and predicts business growth has risen from -5 to 40 and still climbing. This closed loop process has also reduced support resolution times and cost. The ethos behind this customer focused approach has allowed us to build a culture that values communication that identifies and remedies systemic customer experience gaps.

Another end result can be seen in our overall roadmap. By engaging with our audience we can drive improvement and create new and better products and services. It is still a process that requires investment in resources and a mind-set that actively encourages constructive criticism, but ultimately it helps us to build better relationships and deliver long term value.

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