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Zero Trust Secure Access Solution Comparison

Compare Pulse Secure’s solutions to Cisco and Zscaler ZPA – with greater overall capabilities that support Hybrid IT including dual-mode VPN+SDP, Pulse Secure delivers Zero Trust for your Secure Access needs.
ZeroTrustSecureAccess Diagram
Key Zero Trust Capabilities Pulse Secure Cisco ForeScout Zscaler ZPA Citrix
Seamless user experience for access to applications and resources regardless of location Limited Limited Limited
Rich multi-factor authentication and Single Sign-on
Unified Client, agent and agentless, for VPN and NAC Limited Limited Limited
Hybrid IT environment support, both data center and cloud Limited Limited
Extensive pre- and post-connect endpoint security posture assessment and enforcement Limited Limited Limited Limited
Dual-mode VPN and SDP simultaneous operation
Broad application connection support: SaaS, web, classic data center, native VDI, HTML5, VOIP, SIP, P2P, custom TCP/IP apps Limited Limited Limited
Ease of configuration and management Limited Limited
IoT device discovery, monitoring, and segregation Limited Limited
Complete mobile device management solution Meraki only
Granular user/device network access segregation: Layer 3, Layer 4 and Layer 7 Limited Limited
Based on publicly available data, Fall 2019. ForeScout - CounterACT/eyeControl. Zscaler ZPA - Zscaler Private Access. Citrix - Gateway. Company names and trademarks referenced above are the property of their respective owners.

Zero Trust Secure Access from the name you trust

ZeroTrust Steps Verifyuser

Pulse Secure verifies and authorizes users by applying multi-factor authentication and single sign-on (SSO) technologies with no "inside" or "outside" distinction.

ZeroTrust Steps Verifydevice

Zero Trust access includes deep host checks before, during, and after a connection.

  • Pulse Secure ensures every device meets strict compliance posture before accessing resources
    • Checks for installed/running endpoint security applications and OS versions, patch levels, browser types, and other requirements.
    • Non-compliant devices can be quarantined, denied or granted access, or remediated based on security policies.
  • Validates that all devices are connecting from locations you expect (reducing possibility of stolen devices accessing your network).
ZeroTrust Steps Controlaccess

Pulse Secure makes it easy to control access to individual applications and users. Then, we offer tools for both managed and unmanaged devices for visibility and reporting on who is accessing specific applications, and when.

ZeroTrust Steps Protectdata

Finally,  we protect data-in-motion with features like always-on, on-demand, and per-application VPN technologies, and SDP trusted connection directly to multi-cloud applications, to keep sensitive corporate data and personal information safeguarded.

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