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Transform the Future of Your Career: Pulse Secure Internship Program

Want to get the best learning experience in your life? If yes, read on! When I got selected as an Intern, I was apprehensive about the program but got more excited as I learned about the details. On joining the program, I learned about Pulse as a company and how far and fast we had come in the 3 years. It was all inspiring and overwhelming at the same time.

As an operations intern, specializing in Supply Chain Logistics, I worked in an environment that constantly challenged me, interacted with highly experienced leaders, and collaborated with the friendliest colleagues I could imagine. During my internship, I focused on learning the supply chain model, brainstorming innovative ideas and networking with new people each day.

I had worked with various teams of Pulse’s Operations department and was given five projects to complete in 12 weeks. These projects were further divided into two sections. One such project, gave me exposure to interact with multiple suppliers, buyers and facilitators, which in turn boosted my Negotiation, Project Management, and Decision-making skills. Building on these helped ensure my continuous growth as a supply chain professional.

Another valuable element of the program was that I collaborated with all other functions outside of Operations as well. This helped me learn about the holistic business and value each function contributes in an elevated progress. Apart from these projects, I and 20 other fellow interns spent a major chunk of our time competing in Intern learning exercises. Every Friday, we had various exercises in which we performed with a team and showcased our project deliverables in innovative ways. This revitalized my presentation skills, public speaking, critical thinking, and collaboration tenacity.

During my internship, I observed that Pulse Secure’s culture is about redefining things, exploring new solutions and leading others to rise to bigger and better levels. Managers here proved that leadership is about bringing progress and provoking evolution, and this might not necessarily be done from inside the margins of the status quo, hence they encourage you to not stay in a single place but rather to carry out your activities outside the box – This could only happen when you’re at Pulse Secure.

Today, 6 months after my internship ended, I was offered a full-time position at Pulse Secure, the best part is this position was customized per my strengths and internship performance. I couldn’t be more excited to get started and see what I achieve together with the team at Pulse!